Lunch will be provided. All RSVPs and cancellations must be made 1 day in advance. You can enter as many items of equipment as you like, and apply Manual J diversity factors to each item. The Detailed Room Loads report now includes a new section showing the sensible and latent gains from each piece of equipment you entered for the room.

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All Elite Software programs can be learned without formal training. Want to watch this again later? Sign in to add this video to a playlist. Video tutorial and screenshots.

Elite Software - Training Services. However, depending on your background and the complexity of the programs you want to learn, training can be an invaluable aid to quickly becoming an efficient and productive user of the software. There are numerous training options available. The most cost effective training options involve training companies that have offices near you or that travel frequently to your area.

Shown below is a schedule of upcoming training events around the country. More are being posted all the time, so check frequently for an updated list.

In addition to the posted schedule, the companies listed below also offer custom training services where they travel to you or you travel to them. Many of the companies listed below offer training not only on Elite Software computer programs, but on many other hvac related topics as well. Be sure to click on the logos of the training companies so that you can visit their web sites and learn more of what they offer.

Training for the Trades. Based in Kentucky, servicing on- site and on- line via the Internet. Phone: 8. Current Rhvac users can call John at 8. Rhvac tech support available 2. Prospective software buyers can call John for a free 1. John also provides on- site training and on- line web classes for very reasonable fees.

Author of. Hit the Load J and. John is a NATE provider of continuous education. One such course is Training on computerized heat load method number 1. John also has approval for Continuous Education Units in many states.

For example, approved by the State of Texas for a classroom on Rhvac 4. Another example: Florida CEU 0. See some past on- site classroom pictures here. Call John for details on registering for classes. Certified Mechanical Inspector M5. Certified Residential Energy Inspector 5. Phone: 2. For a complete schedule of courses visit Res. Best Green Energy Solutions. Energy Consulting and Training. See bio here. Energy Star Partner.

Calcs- Plus. Indoor Environmental Consultants. Based in Florida. Phone: 9. Contact: Dennis J Stroer. Professional Training, Consulting, and Continuing Education. Phone: 3. Contact: Len Gaspary. International Indoor Comfort Research. Training and Consumer Protection Organization. Based in Washington State. Contact: Ken Summers. Contact: Jeff Henning. California licensed C- 2. Current member of P. Not currently doing HVAC installation. Users interested in Training Services are also interested in..

Rhvac - Calculate Manual J heating and cooling loads for residential buildings. Drawing Board - Draw floor plans from within Rhvac and calculate loads from them automatically. Energy Audit - Analyze building energy usage and operating costs. Proposal Maker - Create professional sales proposals and other documents linked to calculation results.

Chart - Draw printer- friendly psychrometric charts and analyze complex processes. Vent - Design venting systems for Category 1 gas appliances. Chvac - Calculate heating and cooling loads for commercial buildings.

Affiliate Elite: Affiliate Marketing Software. Brand new affiliate marketing software allows you to work smarter,NOT harder and easily double, or more, the amount of profits your business generates. With Affiliate Elite anybody can easily double, or more, the amount of money they make on the internet without doing any extra work. Elite Tutorials.


elite chvac manual pdf

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The program performs extensive checks on the data you enter and alerts you to any problems that it finds, such as a wall having too much window area, or a leaving coil temperature for an air handler outside of the expected range. Thank you for helping keep Eng-Tips Forums free from inappropriate posts. This dialog is filled with sensible and latent load information for various kinds of equipment listed in various tables in both the and ASHRAE Handbook of Eliite. Keep in mind that a room is a single space, and that rooms can be grouped into air handling systems which in turn make up the building. First, you enter your project in Chvac and let it determine your peak loads. Ok, this is for ventilation loads which i did not think of in previous post. Export to Energy Audit when you want to analyze residential and light commercial projects, essentially any application which uses unitary HVAC equipment.



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