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Thank you to our reviewers! I have a very favorable overall impression of this material. To my mind, this is the strongest of the urban sociology texts available. The scope of information covered is considerable, and yet remains comprehensive and organized. The synthesis of interactionism and political economy seems the right way to go.

He teaches and has an active and ongoing research agenda in both urban studies and family sociology and has extensively published and presented papers in these areas. Most helpful customer reviews 3 of 3 people found the following review helpful.

Adams I teach Urban Sociology and have looked at a number of textbooks. It covers all of the topics one would expect in a textbook and it is well written, for the most part. Hutter, for example, discusses how our notions about gender and family shaped the development of shopping in downtown areas and lead to the rise of the suburbs.

For example, the book has a chapter on the City as Work of Art, where Hutter links impressionist paintings, city life, and the emerging middle class in Paris and the work of Mural artists in Philadelphia to urban redevelopment.

There is also a chapter on how skyscrapers reflect the image that corporate interests what to project to the public. Most of the problems that I have with the book revolve around poor editing. There are passages in one paragraph that are repeated in the next one, which suggests that Hutter moved some sentences around for this Second Edition and was not careful about deleting the old material.

There are also some mistakes in citations. I recommended it to anyone teaching a class in Urban Sociology. My review By Lordfrieza Where to begin? It does focus on the basics of Urban Sociology, but there are portions that seems to just skim over. I was lucky enough to have a wonderful professor for the class who seemed to know the material well enough that she was able to provide insight where the book fell short.

Sure if your course is using the book get it, but do I recommend it for a private collection? No, you would be far better off doing research on the Chicago School and going from there.

Good book, great man. By Kirstin Loved the book. See all 17 customer reviews


ISBN 13: 9780205863648

Yozshujinn How to write a great review. The Downtown Department Store. About the Author s. Click on a series title to see the full list of products in the series. Neoliberalism and Global Theatres.


ISBN 13: 9780205816859


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