A good home thermostat is vital towards maximizing the efficiency of heating and cooling appliances, and thus keeping your utility bills within reason. But although thermostat units have become much more powerful and feature-driven over the last few years, they have also climbed in price and complexity, even though their core purpose has not really changed. Further, it comes with multiple Hold options, which are particularly handy in that they permit you to override programming as necessary, with temporary and vacation hold settings as well. This model is also compatible with heat pumps.

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This is not his first dual fuel install, but first with this Thermostat. Thermostat has Outdoor Temp Sensor installed. System will be inspected and fired this coming Monday. Question 2: Is setting ignored if is set to 1 Fossil Fuel? It was our understanding that with Fossil Fuel backup selected in , that would should be unavailable, or irrelevant and ignored if available. A call to Honeywell did not provide answers to out questions, and with two different support techs later, we never got a definitive answer.

They only suggested that the Thermostat may not be the right choice for the system. We were unable to get anybody on the phone at Honeywell that really knew anything about the Thermostat. Just for FYI, if is set to 0 Electric Backup Heat Source , settings and can either be disabled, or set to practically any temp. But with set to 1 Fossil Fuel Backup Heat Source , neither nor can be disabled, and both must be set, with required to be set 5 degrees higher or more than the setting.

I hope I explained this clearly, and would greatly appreciate any experience here. The HVAC Contractor will not allow a Thermostat in the system that would allow the furnace to run at the same time as the Heat Pump, thus this research ahead if time.

Obviously, we will be able to test this at some point, but it would be nice to know for sure, ahead of time, how it will operate. Finally, these two statements are pasted directly from the Installation Manual for the Thermostat. Heat Pump Temperature Lockout with fossil-fuel backup : If the thermostat is installed with an optional outdoor sensor, you can select a compressor lockout temperature Function When the outdoor temperature is below the lockout temperature, only the auxiliary heat operates.

When the outdoor temperature is above the lockout temperature, only the compressor operates. When the outdoor temperature is above the auxiliary lockout temperature, only the compressor operates. If the outdoor temperature is between the compressor and auxiliary lockout temperatures, both the compressor and auxiliary heat can operate.


Honeywell TH8320WF Installation Instructions Manual

I changed the batteries. Honeywell thwf Manuals Answered on Nov 24, This is a model The Honeywell RTHB indicates that the system is running the overnight sleep program with the 4 inside the house symbol. Answered on Nov 22, When the house flashes, the desired temperature has been changed from that programmed temperature bypass mode. Show less Show more. Two wires coming from a Modine gas infrared. Red wire lands on R black wire lands on W. More items related to this product.


Honeywell th8320wf1029 Manuals

Fenriktilar You can also look on line for hz parts. Cindy Wells Level 3 Expert Answers. Answered 2 days ago. How do I fix It Honeywell Beyond that, check the start and end times and the programmed temperatures for each scheduled period. This thermostat works on 24 volt or mV systems.

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