It also established its own military branch. They also aimed to promote the Islamization of Morocco for it to become an Islamic State under Sharia law. Abdelkrim Motii , a leader of the Shabiba Islamiya, was fingered for the assassination that took place on December 18, , and subsequently fled to Saudi Arabia. Government Crackdown and Following Political Movements[ edit ] Government suppression of Shabiba Islamiya began following the investigations and subsequent arrests of Shabiba members for their involvement in the assassinations of Benjalloun and Meniaoui in

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More to come as the day progresses. To that effect, I asked him what he had read recently about the subject of Arab font development. Al-Shabiba For Al Shabiba, time has been well spent.

We think we like what we already have, but apparently the big boss wants to see other versions. Wow, we think this is it: How logo would fit at the top of Page One in this prototype page. Ariss himself may join forces with a young Arabic designer and create the Arabic version of his legendary US product. I was honored to work with him through the years, and what a thrill it was to see him in action: Contact us with speaking requests, questions or to discuss a project.

The weekend is here and time to offer you some interesting links for when you are ready to sit down to catch up. I take a long time to draw one Arab character, but I find that it is the best way for me to convey to the calligrapher what I have in mind, and how I wish to proceed. But, as I keep mentioning, the name of this newspaper, Al Shabiba, means The Youth, so a little young dancing on the page may not be a bad idea.

Video of Jim Parkinson interview: The differences here are in the positioning of those dots, or whether they are looking up or down, bunched up or separated. It seems to work, but this is still work in shabuba. Designers are busy printing latest versions. While their Latin complements have been around long enough I have used them repeatedly over the years myself, but not much nowadaysto the Arabic reading world these are brand new looks.

Evolution of a logo for Al Shabiba, and still tweeking it One almost final version of the Al Shabiba logo: For the finish, the ever present sweet dates. Final three versions of the day for logo of Al Shabiba: A superb summary of 15 video demonstrations of prototype publications on the iPad, from exact replicas of the print editions to truly interactive magazines.

We compromise, we go back to the drawing board. Tasmeem really has to be seen to be believed: Much has happened in the past five years in this regard, and I know of several other Arab language dailies considering design changes. Ariss, as some may know, revolutionized newspaper design in the late 60s when he created a version of the Minneapolis Tribune that was entirely done in Helvetica. Meanwhile, as we came into the building thru a backdoor today, I noticed a very old Al Shabiba logo still sitting at the top of the door.

What the CEO says…. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of Nassim, however, is that it was designed for Tasmeemthe remarkable plug-in for InDesign ME that brings traditional Arabic calligraphic refinement to typography. We hope to emerge with a very modern one today. Links to interesting weekend reads. Shhabiba is still one of my favorite newspaper design experiments.

Al Ql, which ql Youthwants to be truer to its name: I have a feeling we are almost there: In our design work, we have not only concentrated on modern and faster navigational tools for each section, but also the creation of a softer, more modern color palette, and, a logo that is more clearly visible and says at a glance. Not many designers use it these days, but it may have a vibrant renaissance in Arab language newspapers Frutiger: Get to Kargeen Caffe. Jan asks the question: Even if shaabiba Tasmeem in newspaper text is too much to hope for, I would love to see Tasmeem-enabled fonts make an appearance in headlines, a modern version of the calligraphic handwritten headlines that some newspapers once used.

And, like people with his talents and genius, a humble, personable, great to work with person. Discussions of logos such as Al Shabiba are more difficult than when one is looking at the logo in a Latin font. The font utilized for headlines: One almost final version of the Al Shabiba logo: I went for dinner before, and the ambience was totally different, a shisha at every table, or should I say cozy tables with see through glass that allows for a peek at the exhibit of artifacts under the glass, and little benches with comfy cushions.

I still keep his early sketches for each in my files, precious mementos of the master at work. Here is our final work of the day. Suabiba course, changes of logo are never easy, in any alphabet. I am told that there is flexibility on how they are utilized. How would the logo look on a t-shirt? I called upon the talents of Jim Parkinson for a variety of projects across the world. Related Articles





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