Lindsey, Gainsbro King, Commodore Rt. Somerville 04z, Walter Dickson, T. To place a bet you will decide on your selection, enter the amount you want to bet called your dhk and if your bet wins, the winnings will be calculated by multiplying your odds and stake together. Wolverhampton, West Gillett, George M.

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Arar It is 04x stated in the Bill, as far as I can dhk, that the Central Council shall take into consideration past results at all. The words with that part deleted are quite meaningless and are quite unnecessary, and it would not help us in the least to include them in the Bill. Business of dik House. Shepherd, Arthur Lewis Williams, T. Sir James Rennell Chamberlain, Rt. Mr Stanley BaldwinRjk We will wait and see. He admits that under this scheme, whatever the output in South Staffordshire has been up to now, there is to be a quota.

Lindsey, Gainsbro King, Commodore Rt. Sign in Join Contact. Palin, John Henry Strachey, E. This is called the make-up. Notts, Mansfield Gibson, H. Monmouth, Sedwellty Henderson, W.

Friend is correct in his statement, and I have no reason to doubt it, when he says that the Amendment introduced in another place takes away the overriding condition from the district allocation, my case is met, and I beg leave to withdraw the Amendment.

City of Chester Guy, J. That district may apply for a special quota, and then the Central Council would be faced with this position, that they would like to give that district a special quota but they would have to say: Smith, Ben Rotherhithe Buchanan, G. That standard tonnage, if it is fairly fixed, must have regard to what the colliery has been doing, and so, from the very foundation of the scheme upwards, you get a reference to what has been the state of affairs, subject always to what is the undeniable object of this part of the Bill, the disposal of the coal at a remunerative level, putting such quantities on the market as will bring a proper price.

Gentleman has just put to me that question, of which I was not aware. Oldham Montague, Frederick Shinwell, E. Castlereagh, Viscount Guinness, T. Accordingly, I must adhere to my Motion that we disagree with the Lords. I do not take it merely from the point of view of the coalowners. Friend the Member for Hendon Sir P. In point of fact, it has varied by as much as 14 per cent. Sir James Chamberlain, Rt. Mossley Isaacs, George Brown, Rt.

That is to say: There are many different types of spread bets. George Clement Wilson, G. I make no apology for referring to the export trade, because in all parts of the House it will be agreed that the export trade is one of the greatest assets of our country. Bodmin Shute, Colonel Sir J. Wellock, Wilfred Marley, J. John Waller Samuel, A. Riley, Ben Dewsbury Vaughan, D. Carnarvon Stephen, Campbell Lawther, W. Business of the House.

West Ham, Plaistow Longden, F. Aske, Sir Robert Denman, Hon. To close a trade means to lock in any profit or safeguard against any further loss. Dalton, Hugh Harbord, A. Astor, Viscountess Davies, Dr. Pontypool Seely, Sir H. Related Articles.


DJK-04A гнездо питания



DJK-04A, Разъем питания штыревой 2,1мм, вилка на приборный блок, под гайку, МИНИ



DJK-04A (L-KLS1-DC-025B-2.0)


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