Aarti Kunj Bihari Ki English Lyrics Aarti kunj bihari ki, shri girdhar krishna murari ki Gale mein baijanti mala, bajave murali madhur bala Shravan mein kundal jhalakala Nand ke anand nand lala Gagan sam ang kanti kali, radhika chamak rahi aali Ratan mein thadhe banamali Bhramar si alak, kasturi tilak, chandra si jhalak Lalit chhavi shyama pyari ki Shri giradhar krishnamuraari ki Aarti kunj bihari ki , Shri girdhar krishna murari ki Kanakmay mor mukut bilse, devata darsan ko tarse Gagan so suman raasi bares Baje murchang, madhur mridang, gwaalin sang Atual rati gop kumaari ki Shri giradhar krishna murari ki Aarti kunj bihari ki, Shri girdhar krishna murari ki Jahaan se pragat bhayi ganga, kalush kali haarini shri ganga, Smaran se hot moh bhanga Basi shiv shish, jataa ke beech, harei agh keech; Charan chhavi shri banvaari ki. Shri giradhar krishnamuraari ki… Aarti kunj bihari ki, Shri girdhar krishna murari ki Chamakati ujjawal tat renu, baj rahi vrindavan benu Chahu disi gopi gwaal dhenu Hansat mridu mand, chandani chandra, katat bhav phand Ter sun deen bhikhaari ki, Shri giradhar krishnamuraari ki Aarti kunj bihari ki, Shri girdhar krishna murari ki.

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Aarti Kunj Bihari Ki आरती कुंजबिहारी की


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