Long Tube Life: The A tubes are long life, reliable transmitting tubes. The Grid Current meter provides a continuous reading of the A grid current to indicate proper loading of the Amplifier. Multi-voltage Heavy Duty Transformer: A unique "buck-boost" winding allows adjustment of primary voltages to match a wide range of line voltages centered on and volts. This versatile Ameritron feature allows the user to maintain optimum voltages on the tubes and other components to obtain maximum performance and life. Vernier Plate and Load Adjustments: Both tuning controls have vernier reduction drives for smooth tuning logging scales for accurate and rapid tune-up. Safety interlock: AC input power is removed from the transformer when the cover is removed.

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On the other aameritronthe SWR will be high and is an internal tuner required for full ouput. T he least IMD is produced with that power. Because there size s little space was to the valve sockets. No the meters are both OK. I can hear at least one of the relays going over, but the SWR into the amp is very high. Flashover in a tube of an unprotected RF amplifier.

I am wondering why you say the amp is awfully made. The size of the 10 m coil has become too small due to mounting method. My preference would be given to the latter because I have more experience with it.

The powerful spark induced scorching and inside a hole in the glass. No wonder so many people on here are advised not to get one. I thought maybe the 2N had failed. This is a later model, by the way. Yah bigger is better. Connect the amplifier to a dummy load and adjust for maximum ouput. Irregularities in the schematic. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Ameritroj a horrible linear amplifier!

My inspection yielded a burned grid resistor and a partially conductive varistor on. Please note that the output in the table is partly achieved by exceeding the maximum grid and anode current. Roger, you must be the only person in your area that is willing to tackle ham amplifiers with problems. In reality, no way to predict how the circuits actually behave. The inductance of the long supply wires can not be ignored. The energy could not leave via the high impedance of the plate circuitand so chose the shortest path via the tube.

If the PA is not used for a alh time and goes back into operationremove the fuse and let the amplifier an hour long stand idle. A tentative conclusion is that this AL — H does not distort the signal of the drive stage. I assume there are no professional repair people around.

As radio amateur time is free and one can modify at random time. Related Posts.


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AMERITRON AL-811H Instruction Manual



AMERITRON AL-811H Manuals & User Guides




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