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The X-Men and the Avengers are divided on how to handle the situation. The X-Men believe that the Phoenix Force will herald the rebirth of the Mutant Species , while the Avengers believe that it will bring an end all life on Earth. When his absence was noticed, Captain America went to look for him, only to get captured by the same person, who was revealed to be Cable. Eventually, peace was made and Cable was cured of his techno-organic virus.

Scott pushes Hope to her limits, causing her to manifest the Phoenix. All present are shocked. Captain America and Iron Man meet with the president, informing him of the situation. A team of Avengers are dispatched to destroy or otherwise divert the Phoenix from its path: a suicide mission. Suddenly, an alarm warns them of a Phoenix flare on Earth. Unbeknownst to them, it is Hope. The Jean Grey School is also alerted, Beast having set similar alarms. He organizes the Avengers at the mansion, briefing them on the mission.

He believes it to be a potential game-changer for mutantkind. They come to blows, and Cap orders S. Wolverine sneaks off in the melee and finds Hope. He prepares to kill her, as he had promised, when she burns him with the power of the Phoenix before running off. Rachel Summers, using Cerebro, reports that there are five places on Earth that Hope could be.

She secretly relays this information to Cyclops as well. The children of Utopia are taken to the Avengers Academy to be put in protective custody. Initially tense, the two groups begin to get along. The staff becomes nervous when Sebastian Shaw escapes, believing him to be after the children. When three Avengers arrive at the Jean Grey School, battle quickly follows.

In a Quinjet flying high above Antarctica, Captain America confronts Wolverine over his behavior in the battle of Utopia. They fight, and Wolverine is tossed out of the plane. Hope goes to Wolverine for help with a plan. The Force draws the attention of the Kree. The Minister Marvel uses it to resurrect Mar-vell, hoping to draw it to Hala. Captain Marvel regains control and sacrifices himself again to stop it.

Wolverine alerts Captain America to the plan, and the Avengers go to the Moon as well. Suddenly, Thor crashes on the moon. The Phoenix arrives shortly after. Wolverine tries one last time to kill Hope, at her request.

Iron Man uses a specially designed Phoenix-Killer suit to try to destroy the Force. At the Avengers Academy, Shaw has no true ill intentions.

Instead, he wishes to free the Utopia kids from custody. The Academy staff reluctantly agrees and lets them leave. Instead, they find the prisoner named Unit. He reveals to the Lights that Hope is a Phoenix Messiah, a host which the Phoenix Force would use with her Lights to correct the path of evolution. Having seen a Phoenix Messiah succeed in the past, he wishes to see what happens when one is disadvantaged. Thus, he has the Lights mind-wiped of the encounter.

However, it instead fractures the Force. Hope rejects it, and it instead possesses the five other X-Men. Now the Phoenix Five, they return to Earth to usher it into a new age. The Avengers are unable to stop them. They build a massive new floating island, a new Utopia, for mutantkind. They work to provide power, food and water for all.

In front of the U. To achieve this they try to destroy all weapons, though some escape destruction. They believe that at any point they could go Dark Phoenix, and wish to have a solution to that potential problem. To do so, they wish to study the intended host of the Phoenix: Hope.

Cyclops and Emma Frost confront them and defeat them easily. The Scarlet Witch arrives, wishing to avert a dark future she predicted. She teleports the Avengers and Hope off of Utopia.

Cyclops is outraged, and decides that the Avengers have been enablers of anti-mutant feelings. Thus, he makes a decree: No more Avengers. He fills this Sinister London with his race of Sinisters, but also keeps a populations of clones of X-Men, planning on using them to fight the Phoenix Five. Most importantly, he has a host of Jean Grey clones, Madelyne Pryor spares. He plans to use these to host the Phoenix Force for his own designs. As the Phoenix Five heal Hawkeye, Cyclops reprimands them for their use of excessive force, but Magik defends that they must kill the Scarlet Witch and Namor reminds him that they are at war.

As both teams keep fighting and taking prisoners around the world, Scarlet Witch injures Namor. Captain America then assembles every Avenger he can muster and manages to take down Namor in a hard fought confrontation. Several X-Men feel uncomfortable about the way the Phoenix Five are treating their prisoners. The Avengers then lead a rescue mission with the help of Storm and Professor X to break out their comrades but are stopped by Magik and Colossus.

Spider-Man baits Magik and Colossus into taking each other out, allowing the Avengers to escape. The Avengers then teamed up with several X-Men who had realized that Cyclops and Emma had completely lost control. Together they attacked Cyclops and Emma and gained the upper hand until Cyclops was forced to take the final piece of the Phoenix from Emma, making him the sole host.

The complete Phoenix proved too much and finally turned him into Dark Phoenix. As a result, he started planning a new team of Avengers in hopes of unifying mutant and humankind.


Marvel Miniserie 109 Assedio 2

Dark Reign[ modifica modifica wikitesto ] Lo stesso argomento in dettaglio: Dark Reign. Come suo personale braccio armato crea un nuovo gruppo di Vendicatori composto in gran parte da supercriminali che si fingono supereroi [4]. Assedio ZERO[ modifica modifica wikitesto ] Norman Osborn delirante chiede consigli al goblin su come procedere con Asgard, il goblin convince Osborn ad attaccarla. Thor, che era stato bandito da Asgard, interviene per difendere la sua patria e la sua gente, ma viene attaccato da Sentry e sconfitto dagli Oscuri Vendicatori, capitanati da Osborn. Marvel e molti altri , per combattere gli Oscuri Vendicatori, difendere Asgard e aiutare Thor. Thor fortunatamente riesce a riprendersi e colpisce con un fulmine Daken.


Avengers – Sotto Assedio



Avengers vs. X-Men (Event)



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