Yes, you may use two receivers on the same channel to pickup one transmitter. Features switchable antenna power. Sponsored products for you. The system features the ATW-Ra.

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Yes, you may use two receivers on the same channel to pickup one transmitter. Features switchable antenna power. Sponsored products for you. The system features the ATW-Ra. I long for a tactile style aka series or at least one you can operated without having to turning the unit upside down.

Our wireless are either crystal controlled single frequency wireless or frequency agile phase locked loop multiple frequency capable wireless designed to operate within a specific frequency spectrum.

Some systems on the market that are sold as multiple microphone transmitters and a single case receiver are actually multiple receivers built into a single casing, similar to the System 10 PRO. Audio-Technica Wireless Handheld Microphone System, Black [ATW] This means that you will need the same number of receivers as you want to have microphones operating simultaneously.

Thank you for your inquiry. The Series was available in two different frequency bands and one of them, the D Band does operate in the mid MHz range which is included in the recently auctioned off spectrum. I used a few weeks ago in a seminar to over people and it worked perfectly, the battery lasted for more than 8 hours.

I would like arwa see a better housing instead of the plastic, but over-all it was good money for the investment. I have been incorporating this mic more and more into live performances. At the touch of a button, this function automatically determines and sets the best available frequency. Four-pin Locking Connector Pin 1: Actual selling price may vary; please check with an authorized Audio-Technica dealer. Below you will find the models of the guitar techmica to use with this wireless system: Offering 10 selectable channels and True Diversity UHF wireless technology, the Series features automatic frequency scanning.

There are not really any systems that can complete with the Series at its price point. INST is the abbreviation for instrument. Includes element covers, windscreens and clothing clip. Serious advances in affordable professional wireless Clear sound quality and rock solid, dependable performance Automatic frequency scanning 10 compatible user switchable channels in one of two UHF frequency ranges Antenna power available for powered antennas and other in line RF devices True Diversity operation selects the better signal from the two receiver sections, reducing dropouts Tone lock tone squelch system fights interference Rugged metal half rack receiver with soft touch controls and LCD display Overall Frequency Response: The sound is awesome and clear as a bell.

Should I pay a subscription fee to always have free shipping? Skin care Aywa Body. Depending on your RF environment, you may be able to use multiple Series entire systems simultaneously. No more cords to step over and battery life is really good!


Audio Technica ATW-2120a Handheld Wireless Microphone System

Page 2: Installation And Operation The circuits inside the receiver and transmitter have been precisely adjusted for optimum performance and compli- ance with federal regulations. Do not attempt to open the receiver or transmitter. To do so will void the warranty, and may cause improper operation. Notice to individuals with implanted cardiac pacemakers Page 3: Receiver Installation For best operation the receiver should be at least 3 ft.


2000 Series


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