Pra libri hyjnor ne kete rast lengon nga nderhyrjet dhe humbjet kuptimore gjuhesore. We have sqip the quotations from the Bible without comment, because the Bible speaks for itself! Toka,dielli,yjet,galaktikat dhe gjithecka ndodhet ndermjet tyre i neneshtrohen ligjeve te krijuesit dhe kane regullim te perkryer. Therefore it depends on where you measure from. He is, therefore, definitely NOT God! According to this possible interpretation, Jesus entered the temple on the vibla of his triumphal entry, looked around and retired to Bethany.

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All of these cities are south-west of Jerusalem. Thus we have five other examples where both the Lord and Satan were involved together though with entirely different motives. Kush ka veshe le te digjoje. Step 1 biibla Create an account or log in to start your free trial. It was His intention and plan all along to bring in this bkbla covenant as a fulfilment of the old, as the Old Testament shows. As Simon was on his way in from the country, it is clear that he was passing by in the street.

The two thieves crucified with Jesus either did Mark Similarly, no translation is or can be perfect, and all translations are an additional step away from the autograph.

He had in effect been working against the God whom he thought he was serving. Because this Bible is in the public domain, you are free to quote from or reprint it. The procedure for conducting the census had been to start with the trans-Jordanian tribes 2 Samuel It is quite likely that he reduced the size of the military machine his father David had left him.

They maintain that the word for chariotry rekeb was inadvertently omitted by the scribe in copying 2 Samuel 8: The lapse of so many years between the two lists between years would certainly make a difference in the numbers of each family through death or by other causes. The Truth has come and falsehood vanished. Another solution can be noticed by observing the usage of words in each passage.

Three easy steps to start your free trial subscription to Bible Gateway Plus. They maintain that when Jehoiachin was eight years old, his father made him co-regent, so that he could be trained in the responsibilities ahqip leading a kingdom.

This was Sunday evening, which in Hebrew thinking was actually part of the second day, each day beginning at sunset. So, why does Matthew mention two animals? As new data is uncovered, we are continually finding answers to many of the historical mysteries. The reason for this apparent inconsistency is a lack of contextualization by readers. It was only the following morning in the full light of day that they saw what had happened to it.

Due to space this wonderful issue cannot be looked at in depth here. There would be ample time for them to stand up whilst the voice was speaking to Saul, especially as it had no significance or meaning to them. The two passages contrasted are Genesis What then should we do with the contradictions which the Muslims claim are there? A mundet kush te shohi diellin me shikim te lire qe eshte vetem krijese e Krijuesit?!


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