When I borrowed it - I felt it would be either a feminist book or one about a tortured women in an islamist state. When I started reading it turned out be the latter for sure but the extreme of torture was uncomparable to anything I had read.. How can someone be tortured so much and still survive and end up with a happy ending.. The book says it is based on a true story but it seemed so fictional so out of this world and so primitive. There is every form of possible torture a man can do on a woman..

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Nile How can someone be tortured so much and still survive and end up with a happy ending. There is pain everywhere, but the way literature can bring it to yehmina reader must be tactful, lest the purpose of writing itself will remain futile. Living with Peer, she loses her dignity, her freedom, even her humanity till she comes to a resolution to expose the evil-man to the world. Next reaction was to feel blessed. Pir Sain was dazzled by her beauty when he saw her with her mother, who came as a victim of circumstances to seek his blessings.

In prose Tehmina Durrani made her sensational literary debut in with her controversial autobiography My Feudal Lord. I just want to throw light on how raw and uncontrolled writing blasphwmy make the reading distasteful and not literature. At seventeen, she married Anees Khan, and they had one daughter together. The author speaks of religious bigots not letting people realize their freedom of conscience, instilling in them the fear of Allah through propagandist means- distorting the message of Islam.

She claimed that it is a true story in the face of a novel, which a reader will agree to a great extent. Also the kind of risks the women took while living in movel a dangerous family or social structure. It was impossible hovel imagine someone living this kind of life even though, for me, it got over in around pages, while Heer lived and suffered it for 24 long years.

Dec 22, Neha rated it it was ok Shelves: But this is totally wrong and its misinterpretation. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Her parents married her to Anees Khan when she was seventeen and they had a daughter together. They also popularized that all the rules and regulations regarding the subjugation of women is written in Quran, the holy book of Muslims.

Tehmina Durrani has to be a household name across the world and her books must be read by everyone. All just to hold firm, their fiefdom, fear and to exercise power through violence to subjugate, humiliate and feed upon the weak. Blasphemy is a realist novel set up in Pakistan reflecting the struggle of protagonist in the hands of his husband, who is a hypocrite. She dares to challenges the objectification and domestic violence inflicted on women and how they can resist patriarchal power and improve their position within the institutions of oppression.

Maududi, Sayyid Abul Ala. Sep 02, Arsala rated it did not like it. The acts were gross, nocel crimes were gory and the emotions too disturbing to be imagined being even close to reality. Ci si sente prigioniere, avvilite dalle parole scritte nero su bianco che ci pesano sul cuore senza nemmeno il bisogno di perdersi in descrizioni eccessivamente complesse. What makes it even harder to believe is that this IS a true story and that this unimaginable reality is being lived by many women even today.

Tehmina Durrani The intense and grotesque abuse is described vividly in her book with gory details. Pir married her because he was fascinated by her beauty but never loved her. This was a jehad. She says she found another way of expressing and conveying her feelings through art, in addition to writing. Sep 01, Zunaira Ghaffar rated it liked it.

Indeed we are still living in the dora-e-jahiliya and so noel Firauns are alive in our society. From inside the book. May 22, Shivam Khandelwal rated it really liked it. The only word heard was of Peer Sain, as and when he wanted. After getting my hands on a copy, as soon as I could, I started reading it.

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Blasphemy: A Novel

Dushakar Her rebellious nature also cost her losing all financial support from her ex-husband, as well as the custody of her children. The acts were gross, the crimes were gory and the emotions too disturbing to be imagined being even close to reality. I have only admiration that no words can express. Blasphemy: A Novel — Tehmina Durrani — Google Books Everything bad that can happen to a woman, happe I was very young when I borrowed this book so I actually failed to apprehend the rudiments of it until I re-read it again. I might never be able to re-read this book but Heer has bkasphemy latched on to me forever like a ghost and I might never be able to budge away from her grave. The novel critiques interventions of Russia and America in Afghanistan. He wanted nothing to do with him.


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