Barry Lyga Things That Happened After and Before "Lucky thirteen," my dad said when I blew out the candles on my birthday cake, and my mom shot down his lame attempt at humor with a disgusted "Oh, Bill! Not at all. Music videos on the TV and sodas and chips and some sort of hot potato casserole that Rachel announced she had made on her own. And three kids sitting around awkwardly trying to be coy with each other.

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Keep in mind, I like Barry Lyga. But this? Just disgusting. Not really in a bad way, either. Well, actually, yes, in a bad way. I know a topic like this is bound to be unsettling.

The scenes are written as seduction scenes My smexy teach loves me! My smexy twenty year old teach is telling me she loves me and Why is she pushing this on me? What am I doing? Josh has flashes. Flashes are were, in the middle of a page, we get something like this, - insert disturbing line insert VERY disturbing line - which is going to occur, I get that. After all, Josh is tramatized and all. Most of the action we get in flashbacks between him and Eve is supposed to be sexy, not horrifying.

Personally, a twenty something getting it on with her twelve year old student is NOT a turn on for me. I get it, Josh is a twelve year old boy, and, apparently, twelve year old boys are always thinking about that. Barry Lyga is a questionably misogynistic. Michelle is just "hot".

Rachel is just "cute". Eve is "bad sexy". Other than that? But other than her? No, we have no other major female character. We just have those three. Good sexy, cute, and bad sexy. Moving on, we have the incident with Rachel. But he did rip off her underwear, and he did plan on going that far with her like "Eve taught him".

You do not have sex in that game, you kiss, if I am not mistaken. My point? Josh was out of line, and he should not have been encouraged and even pushed forward to that behavior even if Eve was messing around with him.

He needs to know that that is NOT okay. Moving on again , we have the baseball terminology. I know nothing about baseball. The average person will probably know a little more than me, but certainly not even half as much as what Josh was talking about. I was so confused, I was confused about how much I was confused. It was pathetic and sad. She does all of this because she wants to keep a job she apparently wants.

She is an idiot, I repeat. But still, quote time: "I love her, Mom. And mom laughed. It was harsh, hard-edged, more a snort than actual laughter. That contempt shocked me -- my mom had been angry at me in the past, but never hateful.

She is saying that he is a child. But later, guess what we find out? Another point about his mother? Of course, she needs to leave all that working and stuff to her MAHN, and she needs to stop worrying about actually having a job.

She needs to be home and just do the laundry and make dinner. I think that the whole situation with Eve was wrapped up and even played out horribly. It was frankly, revolting to me. Also, did it have to be so That was truly horrifying.


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