Tojaktilar I recommend this book to everyone who, well, reads. Your brain learns how to read and comprehend words as units, without subvocalizing them. Rapid reading has been around for some years now, and many famous people use the system to increase their knowledge, and indeed many achieve their fame because of it. Well, depending on your definition, the answer to this peteer will vary greatly.

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Cole realized that a lot of learners felt like they were losing time each week and could also not figure out where this time was going. Understanding that a lot of this time was dedicated to reading, Cole put together a plan to help learners read faster and still retain what they have read.

Whether you are learning English as your second language, are already a faster reader or struggle with reading books in general, you can definitely learn from the strategies discussed in this book.

Prior to reading this book, you will be asked to do some preparations. For example, it is recommended to assess your own learning style first as it will help you go through the book more efficiently. This is a very practical book, so expect drills and exercises. The core take away is certainly to learn reading chunks of words. After implementing these strategies, you could save yourself up to 10 hours a week of reading! With the book also comes access to some of the best offline methods and resources, whereas some of the material can be customized to your needs and preferences.

This information alone is enough credibility to at least give this book a try. The book includes rapid reading techniques that have been around for over forty years.

Chapter by chapter, Kump goes on to explain that by reading this book and practicing his techniques after each section, you will be able to read up to eight times faster than before.

A pro of this book is the emphasis on practice. Any skill will only get better with practice, and accelerated reading is no exception. The designated sections for specific skills and practice allow for catered practice before moving on to the next skill. The reviews of this book do not disagree!

Many reader reviews go on to explain how their reading rates have greatly increased through reading and practicing the techniques throughout this speed reading book. She is known for her content-rich training courses that are mainly based on adult learning principles and accelerated learning. The guide offers proven step-by-step instructions and user-friendly methodologies. You will systematically learn to take complete control of your reading pace by practicing the various timed reading exercises, using personal progress charts and calculating your overall reading speed.

Readers will also know when and how to apply a rather slow reading approach for certain material. The strategies are simple and easy to apply. As an outcome, they will enable you to fully comprehend and speed read articles, books and professional journals. The book contains loads of other best practices that every reader needs to know.

This guide has been named as one of the best speed reading books , and it provides great expert tips suitable for doctors, lawyers, students, teachers and working professionals alike. The Speed Reading Book by Tony Buzan Working on improving all areas of reading including speed, comprehension, and quality is a major focus of this book visit bookstore. Buzan, the creator of the note-taking technique Mind Maps, also has a background of work with an emphasis on the brain and learning.

Unlike other related books, this book takes some time to discuss the history of fast reading, as well as how history is related to the brain and learning. The Speed Reading Book goes on to articulate the goals that you can achieve through reading this book. For example, some of these are that you will think more quickly and creatively, take better notes, become an improved test taker, save time, and study more efficiently. This background knowledge incorporated with the practice exercises will help you achieve any of your reading goals.

Based on a lifetime of personal reading experience, the author helps readers increase their speed through accelerated learning techniques and well-designed strategies. Each chapter describes techniques and tricks to enhance the reading pace. Learn to read books using skimming and scanning, thus absorbing only the important content without actually reading through the entire book.

Readers also gain an insight into the history of fast reading and how the mind works when actually doing so. Other chapters include exercises and solutions to fix current reading issues or help increase eye expansion. This speed reading book is an interesting additional read for students and professionals alike and for all those who wish to simply read more and enhance their learning speed. They teamed up with Abby to develop a very time-efficient solution.

At the core, this book promises to accelerate your reading skills in 10 days. It contains several quizzes to help predetermine your present reading skill level.

The book also shows how to overcome the bad habits of slow reading, will enhance your concentration level, considerably cut your reading time and boost the power of your peripheral vision. It further outlines the principles on how to scan and skim content and remember information permanently. It also includes several specially designed techniques proven to escalate the reading pace.

Students, busy people and reading enthusiasts can all boost their speed within 10 days. Visit her website for more details. Through reading this book, you can see how he was able to read 80 pages per minute and apply some of his tips and strategies to your own reading. While this book was first published over twenty years ago, a lot of the methods still apply today. After learning more about a reading skill or technique, there are exercises at hand for you to practice.

The practice exercises range from everyday life topics, such as balancing a checkbook. Overall, Super Reading Secrets is easy to follow and will help you achieve your goal of reading more efficiently. Cutler Triple Your Reading Speed visit bookstore promises to do just as the title says. Through skill development and practicing the examples Cutler provides for his readers, Cutler states that your reading rate will increase.

The format of this book focuses on self-studying and working on your reading skills at your own pace, focusing on the Acceleread Method.

This method was taught in the sixties and seventies to over 10, learners of all ages. This book discusses that there are many factors that go into reading skill development.

There is a large focus on practicing reading just like you would practice any other skill. Just as with any skill you may want to develop, many reviewers of this book went on to explain the more they practiced the skills they read about, the more they noticed a significant difference. This book has been around for quite a few years and the more effort you put into practice the skills, the more you will obtain from this book. Photoreading by Paul R.

Scheele Just by initially thinking about the title of this book visit bookstore , photoreading sounds like something that cannot easily be accomplished. This book explains that over time and practice, you will be able to photoread at a pace greater than one page per second. In addition to increasing your speed, it also claims that this will be done without losing reading comprehension along the way. Sound too good to be true? You will just have to give it a try for yourself and see how your reading rate changes.

Scheele, who is recognized in the field of human development, goes on to describe the process of photoreading or mental photographing. This method allows you to subconsciously process the information and to connect it to prior background knowledge within your brain.

This knowledge then becomes purposeful to the reader and ultimately will help you achieve your reading goals. Talking about the tactics here, this is also one of the more controversial speed reading books available. Since , The Evelyn Wood Program of Dynamic Learning has been applied by hundreds of thousands of people across the nation. The Evelyn Wood method describes how to boost your speed, retain important information you have read, and fully comprehend what you are reading — all at the same time.

One pro is the compactness of information within the book. This program is focused on a seven-day approach. It is written to cover all strategies, information, and to see changes quickly. Based on its popularity and longevity, growth will be seen within seven days, which is faster than other speed reading books. In addition, it also goes on the mention of how these strategies can be implemented to also assist in writing.

No matter which book you choose to help you achieve this goal, you are already on your way to becoming a better reader. Tip — I suggest to read the summaries of these books and then decide which one would fit you best as a reader.

If you start practicing the taught techniques and strategies consistently you can be sure to achieve your personal reading goals quickly! Benefits — One of the biggest benefits of books is their accessibility.

Most of the suggested titles you should get in your local library, and for free. Reader Interactions.





What Are The Best Speed Reading Books?



[PDF] Breakthrough Rapid Reading Book by Peter Kump Free Download (304 pages)


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