Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. That is quite remarkable when you see how much we know from Egypt. News of Planet of the Apes, with Meria 7 days ago 0. Saturn does have a very low weight for its size.

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David Icke is an infinitely better writer, and yet covers much of the same territory. Rules Donate Advanced Search. I find such a ni viewpoint unpleasant and counterproductive. The surprising thing is that absolutely nothing is found. Someone who knows what he says.

This, I think, is just rank foolishness. Born in Southern England, Brian Desborough has served as a Director of Research and Sjadows for several American companies, and has provided consultation to a company involved in deep space research.

There seems to be no practical way to prove or disprove this allegation, without doing a great deal of investigation work. Please try again later. Signup Here Lost Password. One person found this helpful. I thought at least the chapter on Jesus would be fairly straight forward, but I was wrong. Desborough is very obscure and there is precious little information to be found about him. January 7, at The later famous Dr. Many scientists have been searching for evidence of the events and people in the Old Testament, to David and Solomon, the exodus from Egypt and so on.

I was really disturbed while coming to the realisation how much lies have we taken for the truth. But this is a non-sequitur. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. Then he accuses Laurence Rockefeller the white sheep of the family of being a sgadows guy for urging Area 51 scientists to reveal to the public some of their findings.

They Cast No Shadows An excellent revision of mainstream history. And the New Testament is equally fanciful. Desborough appears to hate with a passion anything connected to spirituality, metaphysics, or the New Age movement.

This is the classical modus operandi of trolls. I recommend this to everyone English book to read yourself if possible. Apart from obscure figures such as Suffelt, Mr. Philip Corso is also a bad guy in his book, shadosw stating that many technological inventions of the s came from back-engineered alien artifacts.

Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. You must be Logged in to post comment. Brian DesboroughChinaClinton nrian, illuminati. And of course if you look at the various diatribes against Alice Bailey, you will find that they come from either fundamentalist Christians, or hard-core atheists—interesting bedfellows!

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ISBN : About the Book In this explosive and compelling book, author Brian Desborough explores the activities of the thirteen interconnected family bloodlines that collectively comprise the secret group known as the Illuminati. His years spent aiding survivors of Satanic ritual abuse and mind control has provided the author with an in-depth knowledge of Illuminati history and their future plans for the human race. Applying a synthesis of history, politics, science and covert intelligence sources, the author explores such diverse subjects as mind control, advanced energy systems, terrestrially constructed flying saucers, extraterrestrials, and the planned double-cross of the western Illuminati factions by China and Russia. Oriented toward both the scholar and layperson, this revealing book is a "must read" for those interested in history, politics or high technology. About the Author Born in Southern England, Brian Desborough has served as a Director of Research and Development for several American companies, and has provided consultation to a company involved in deep space research.


They Cast No Shadows

Results 1 to 1 of 1. There are few books that so much information about it, as Israel such an important role in the global player. October 7, at 8: Apart from obscure figures desborouvh as Suffelt, Mr. May 9th, They Cast No Shadows: Some names he persistently misspells, presumably because he heard it orally and never bothered to check.

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