He describes his mother as managing restaurants and bars, and at times, games in casinos. The family relocated often. His parents divorced when Sadler was five, and his father died not long after at age 36 from a rare form of nervous system cancer. His mother moved her family around as she worked at temporary jobs in Arizona, California , Colorado , New Mexico , and Texas. In , at 17, he enlisted in the U.

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The Longini[ edit ] In Casca 28 we are introduced to the Longini, a family that is created to protect Casca through his long life. Unbeknown to the Eternal Mercenary, this family slowly grows and seeks to thwart the efforts of the Brotherhood. Unlike the common habit where when a woman marries a man and loses her maiden name, in all cases of marriage the union results in the family name of Longini being retained, thus preserving their identity to one another.

Casca 3: The War Lord : Casca travels to 3rd century Byzantium and China, where he is buried alive by a jealous empress. Casca 6: The Persian : Casca becomes a commander in the army of Persian king Shapur II , but is burned at the stake when he is branded a heretic.

Casca 8: Soldier of Fortune : Casca serves as a mercenary based in Cambodia. Casca African Mercenary : In , Casca is sent on a mission to kill an African dictator, but is betrayed by his allies. Casca The Assassin : In the 11th century, Casca is captured by Arab slave traders, and is inducted into the secret sect of the Hashshashin.

He escapes, but is badly wounded and taken to a US Army field hospital. This is a prequel to the first Casca novel. There he becomes involved with pirates, including the infamous Blackbeard.

Casca The Warrior : In the late s, Casca sails the South Pacific, where he saves a small island village from a local warlord. Casca The Samurai : Casca is rescued off the coast of Japan in , and later fights in the Battle of Dan-no-ura. Casca teaches the young man the art of war, which allows him to conquer and unite the local tribes into a mighty army. Now calling himself Genghis Khan , Temujin sets his sights on the West.

Goodwin, have both been proven to be plagiarized from other books and are a no longer considered "canon", b These books have been pulled out of the order and will no longer be published, and c These book numbers will not be re-issued, they will simply be skipped over and ignored. They worship him as a god, and ask him to free their people from the rule of a tyrant. Casca Halls of Montezuma : Casca arrives in America in the s. Casca The Avenger : Casca returns to the Eastern Roman Empire in the 6th century, to get revenge against the Brotherhood, and takes part in the Battle of Taginae.

Casca The Minuteman October : The American War of Independence is the setting for this story, set in the first part of the war, between and Casca The Continental October : Conclusion of story started in book Casca Blitzkrieg October : The early part of the Second World War sees Casca campaigning in Poland and then Belgium and France for the panzer korps, while trying to avoid a police hunt investigating a murder in a Berlin hotel that Casca was involved in. Casca Barbarossa.

Casca Scourge of Asia. September Casca is recruited by the Byzantine emperor to save the fading empire by finding a warlord to destroy the Ottoman Turks. Casca Balkan Mercenary. April Set in the Croat-Serb war in the former Yugoslavia, Casca is hired by Croatia to assemble a team of mercs to infiltrate Serb territory and take out an ethnic-cleansing warlord.

September Taking place in AD , Casca and a colleague are sent into war-torn Gaul to save a valuable artefact from being destroyed before the fall of the besieged city of Arelate. Casca The Viking September Casca returns to the northlands to get away from the growing might of Charlemagne and becomes involved in Viking politics and war. Casca The Austrian October Casca, intent on settling a score with the Turks that has been festering in his heart for two centuries, defends the Imperial Austrian city of Vienna against the Ottoman Turks.

Casca The Lombard November Casca becomes one of the tribe of the Lombards and lives amongst them for years when news of Narses, his former enemy, arrives. Casca decides Narses must finally be brought to justice.

Casca The Commissar April The Russian Civil War forms the backdrop to this novel, where Casca joins the Reds in their fight to gain Ukraine for communism, but then turns on them once their butchery becomes known to him. Casca The Saracen September Both a sequel to Casca 19 and a prequel to Casca 22, this story sees Casca return to the Holy Land and after falling foul of Reynauld de Chatillon, joins the army of Saladin and takes part in the decisive Battle of Hattin.

Casca The Rough Rider March Without the permission of the Casca publishers, he contracted with Americana Audio to have it published as a three-disc audiobook CD. This was subsequently withdrawn in following the collapse of Americana Audio.


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