La cativa ani dupa ce a iesit din inchisoareautorului i se restituie partial manuscrisul, care va fi tiparit insub titlul Despartirea de Goethela Editura Univers. Constantiin Disponibil cu 45 lei in libhumanitas. Noica Constantin. Nici la Descartes viata nu dovedeste mare lucru pentru intelegerea gandirii sale; This article has no associated abstract. Rugati-Va Pentru Fratele Alexandru.

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Here he met as a teacher philosopher Nae Ionescu. He worked as a librarian at the History of Philosophy Seminar and attended the courses of the Faculty of Mathematics for one year He was a member of the Criterion Association — After the war, the Soviet army remained in Romania, backing the establishment of a communist regime. Noica was harassed by the new regime. In December of that year, after making public the book "Histoire et Utopie" by Emil Cioran who had left for France , he was sentenced to 25 years of forced labor in the Jilava prison as a political prisoner, and all his possessions confiscated.

He was pardoned after 6 years as part of a general amnesty and released in August He was buried at the nearby hermitage, having left behind numerous philosophical essays. In Constantin Noica was posthumously awarded the Herder Prize , and in , after the fall of communism in Romania, he was accepted as a posthumous member of the Romanian Academy. Philosophy[ edit ] The 20th century is thought to be dominated by science. The model of scientific knowledge , which means transforming reality into formal and abstract concepts, is applied in judging the entire environment.

This kind of thinking is called by Noica "the logic of Ares", as it considers the individual a simple variable in the Whole. The existence is, for this scientific way of considering things, a statistical fact. In order to recover the individual senses, the sense of existence, Noica proposes, in opposition with "the logic of Ares", "the logic of Hermes", a way of thinking which considers the individual a reflection of the Whole.

The logic of Hermes means understanding the Whole through the part, it means identifying in a single existence the general principles of reality.

This way of thinking allows one to understand the meaning of the life of a man oppressed by the quick present moment. Noica appreciates Greek and German philosophers, as well as several Romanian writers.

He recommends to read philosophy, to learn classical languages, particularly ancient Greek, and modern languages, particularly German. Essay around knowledge and the individual "De caelo. Hegel narrated by Constantin Noica "Fenomenologia spiritului de G.

Studies and essays — "Echilibrul spiritual. Retrieved on 7 June I remember that philosopher Noica highlighted that one cannot have a personality if one does not read these authors.

He said it, then he referred to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. His face brightened when I had mentioned his name. The readings on Romanian culture are important, as well. He insisted on the need for learning languages, emphasizing on the study of classical languages and especially ancient Greek, as well as modern languages, out of which he warmly recommended German".

See here how Noica explains its use: "If a nourishing plant, that we can not find elsewhere, would grow on the Romanian soil, we should have to answer for it. In this way the beingness was pulled out from stillness and shook. What kind of beingness is the one that has no place for neither a vibration, nor an advance?


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