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Because of its restricted access on other popular e-reader devices, such as iPad, nook, kobo, and Sony, it seems impossible for you to read lit ebook on other devices. By converting lit to pdf free, you can read your books on various devices or share your books with your families and friends whose e-reader devices support the common format pdf. Besides, you can print your file out. In the following content, I will introduce three free and simple ways to assist you to convert lit to pdf, you can choose whichever way you like.

Before you start to convert lit to pdf, I want to give you an important tip. That is you have to make sure your lit ebook is drm free. About how to remove drm from lit ,you can refer to this article.

Method 1: Using online converter tools The first method I want to share with you is to convert lit to pdf online without downloading and installing any softwares. I have found two free and simple online converter tools. Here are the detailed operating procedure. Step 1: Open the above website. Click "Browse" to select your lit file. Step 2: Choose "pdf" as the output format. And then hit "Convert" button to begin the conversion. Step 3: Wait for about one minute and such information which contains the download link will be sent to you.

Step 4: Click the download link you received and you can find your converted pdf file. The operating procedure of this software is quite similar to the first online tool. Step 1: Choose " convert to pdf" on the left side of the window. Step 2: Select your lit file prepared to convert to pdf.

Step 3: Hit "Convert file" on the bottom and then you can get your pdf file within one minute. Although the online converter tools are quite convenient and fast, they may contain security risk. So the following part I will recommend two free softwares, calibre and MS Reader Converter to you to complete the conversion. Method 2: Convert lit to pdf with calibre Calibre is a common software applied to convert many file formats. It supports the following input formats and output formats.

Step 2: Click "Add books" or simply drag your lit file into the main window to import your lit file. Step 3: Hit once on the lit file you want to convert to pdf, and then click "Convert books". Step 4: It will pop up such a window for you to choose the output format. Select "pdf" from the drop-down choice of output format. And then hit "OK" on the bottom. Step 5: When it appears "Jobs: 0" on the right side bottom, it means the conversion has finished.

Hit "Click to open" to get your pdf file. It converts lit ebooks files to pdf format easily and quickly. Now follow me to use this lit to pdf converter.

Click " Continue". Step 2: Follow the instruction to run Microsoft Reader, open your book, go to first page, and then click "Search" button.

When the right side bottom shows "Microsoft Reader found", you can tag "Next" to continue the process. Step 3: Hide the Riffle Control as the picture shows and go on with "Next". Step 4: Set the output file name and continue to hit "Next".

Step 5: Press the Capture button to start capture. Within a few seconds, you can see your converted pdf file. The above-mentioned methods are practical and easy. Hope they will help you successfully convert lit to pdf free so that you can read your lit ebooks on multiple devices. Related Readings.


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