I used Saleae 1. The AT24C supports kHz at 1. So the AT24C supports the same speeds or higher as the real thing. The jumper is useful if you want to use it as a real development board, though, since it lets you move the eeprom to 0xA0 and boot the device as a default cypress device while still being able to use the CyConsole software to reprogram the EEPROM at 0xA0 with no outside programmer needed.

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Posted on January 1, by Dr. Today we will take a look at the USB 2. Choose a folder for your project and type project name. Now you are ready to select the MCU. A51 assembler source file. Turn-off code optimization. The firmware must be written to the on-board RAM and executed. The first method is to use Cypress default drivers and transfer firmware into RAM with CyControl application the source code is available.

When you reset or power off the MCU the firmware will be erased. Now you should see blinking leds. The host OS loads corresponding driver and so it works. You will have to convert your firmware from. How to convert. HEX file to. IIC file with I2C bootloader and your firmware code. The command line parameters are: -i option request. IIC file format; -f 0xC2 sets the value for the first byte; -o sets output file name. This company was acquired by Cypress several years ago.

Making mistakes at work is good for learning and debugging. If the device disappears from Device Manager do the following: 1. Disconnect the board from USB or turn-off the power cable. Remove jumper yellow from SDA line. Put the jumper, i. I should say a few words about the jumper. Before erasing or resetting your device make sure you have a valid firmware and configuration files.

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Cypress CY7C68013A


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