My blog is one year old! Thanks to those who have shown your support — I truly appreciate it. I planned on writing about a different piece until I realized it was my anniversary. The Serenade is calling me now. Bourgeois originally composed Serenade for organ in , to be played at his wedding. It was originally titled Wedding March.

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Bourgeois worked at a number of places as a lecturer, teacher and conductor, whilst also writing a wealth of his own music. Bourgeois spent most of his life in Britain, but after retiring in , he and his wife settled in Mallorca. He often used his experiences to inspire him to write a wealth of different works.

As aforementioned, Bourgeois was a prolific composer for brass and wind bands. Bourgeois symphonic works must also receive a mention. Although none properly perforated into commercial concert hall programmes, by the time of his death in , Bourgeois had composed a massive symphonies.

The work was actually composed for his own wedding to be originally performed by an organist as the guests left the main ceremony. The orchestration for wind band has become the most popular for this work, with it being a staple in many band rooms. The melody is syncopated with the accompaniment, and accentuates the strong beats of the bar. The flutes then take over the melody, this time changing the direction of the melody. The flutes and clarinets then unite play their respective themes together.

The saxophones also join in here before a rumble into the main section of the piece. With the band now all playing together the work unites to play the melody. As the percussion begins to filter in, the dynamics begin to grow and the glorious melody feels more natural with every rotation. The music comes to a quiet close with a tambourine accompaniment before a cheeky flute flourish to end this sweet work. Although originally composed for organ, the wind band arrangement is far popular and is played fairly regularly around the world.

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Dance Down the Aisle with Derek Bourgeois’s “Serenade”

If there was a natural successor as a composer to Malcolm Arnoldit was Derek Bourgeois, who has died aged Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. When interviewed boirgeois Alan Rusbridger for the Guardian inBourgeois said: His first wife, Jean Berrywhom he had married inwas dying of motor neurone disease, and he was suffering from cancer. Loading comments… Trouble loading? It is the sound of steel drums that comes to mind, though, as the music unfolds, for this march swings in Caribbean style. The outright record goes to the Finnish composer Leif Segerstamwith so far more than After gaining a first-class degree in music and a doctorate at Magdalene College, Cambridge, he studied for two years at the Royal College of Music, London, with Howells for composition and Adrian Boult for conducting. Hyperion offers both CDs, and downloads in a number of formats.


Derek Bourgeois ‘Serenade’: Tricky Times!





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