Did I Miss Anything? None of the content of this course has value or meaning Take as many days off as you like: any activities we undertake as a class I assure you will not matter either to you or me and are without purpose Everything. A few minutes after we began last time a shaft of light suddenly descended and an angel or other heavenly being appeared and revealed to us what each woman or man must do to attain divine wisdom in this life and the hereafter This is the last time the class will meet before we disperse to bring the good news to all people on earth. When you are not present how could something significant occur?

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Vancouver: Polestar, When you are not present how could something significant occur? The purpose of this poem is to show how the frequently asked question "Did I miss anything? The sarcastic speaker in the poem is pretending to answer the question honestly, but is really taking the "round about" way to say that there is something wrong with the way the student phrased the question.

Audience The teacher is talking to the student that asked "Did I miss Anything? Example: "Nothing. Example: "Everything. I gave an exam worth 40 percent of your grade this term and assigned some reading due today on which I am about to hand out a quiz worth 50 percent. The theme of the poem is the importance of responsibility.

The student has classmates that were present the day they were absent so they could easily ask another student and be more responsible. Theme What is the tone? The speaker is feeling angry and unappreciated. The speaker is freaking, pushed too far; they realize what they are teaching is not anything divinely important, but it is not of zero value either as the question implies Therefore, the speaker replies using sarcasm and is really mocking the question.

The poem is a Free Verse poem: Every stanza starts with one word sentence fragments. There is no set number of lines in each stanza. This is effective because it represents the tone of the poem. Both are nasty and mocking What is the mood of the poem?

Sarcastic, Angry, Mocking, Humorous. Why Was the Poem Written? Tom Wayman wrote this poem out of his own teaching experiences Teachers put in hours of time and effort preparing a class, thinking of the best way to present the material to the students so they understand it. Teachers have to introduce, develop, and summarize a lesson, then monitor the class to see the effectiveness of their presentation.

When an absent student ask "Did I miss anything? The stanzas in the poem are responses Wayman wanted to say to the students who asked if they missed anything. Who composed this poem? Ans: Tom Wayman composed this poem. What did the students do in the absence of their teacher? What did the angel reveal to the students?

Ans: The angel revealed to the students that they had to attain divine wisdom so they could share what they learned later in life. How does the speaker in the first stanza spend time for the full two hour? Ans: The speaker in the first stanza spends time for the full two hours by simply sitting in silence with their hands folded on the desks. Why does the speaker in the second stanza think being in the class is important? Ans: The speaker in the second stanza thinks being in the class is important because he has conducted the heavy exams, assigned some readings and prepared a quiz.

Student being absent in the class can miss a whole day of knowledge. What does the speaker say in the third stanza regarding the value of education?

Ans: In the third stanza regarding the value of education, the speaker says that the classroom education is valueless, meaningless and waste of time. Does the speaker in the fourth stanza agree with this statement?

Yes, the speaker in the fourth stanza agrees with this statement because he claims that through education person is enlightened. Here, the poet has compared the teacher with an angel.

The teacher is incarnated divine figure who is considered to be the source of light of wisdom. What does the last stanza suggests? What is the poem about? What is the theme of this poem? Ans: The theme of the poem is to reveal the importance of responsibility of the student and the teacher. The students should never miss out the classroom and the teachers should be regular. They should make the classroom live, interesting, exciting and productive.

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Tom Wayman : Tom Wayman, "Did I Miss Anything?" FAQs

Every teacher spends hours preparing a class, thinking hard about the best way to present the material that she or he is going to impart during a certain class session. Besides reviewing or setting out for the first time the details of the lesson, a teacher will be considering the optimum manner to introduce, develop, and summarize the content of the lesson. A teacher may evaluate how he or she has conducted a class on this topic in the past, and figure out some methods to revise or tweak the upcoming session for maximum effectiveness. Are they nodding off, or distracted? Does it look like at least my main points are getting across?


Tom Wayman, “Did I Miss Anything?”


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