Other than steel components, we also use aluminum alloys. So many people wanted to purchase TEIN suspension kits right away!!! A recent addition to our factory is this Laser Cutting Machine, capable of cutting steel up to 16mm thick using a carbon dioxide laser beam. Lower brackets, after any necessary welding, go through shot blasting prior to any surface coatings.

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Nitrous Oxide? Or both? Can I do this on stock internals or is it too much for the stock internals to handle? Since E85 only had about percent of the energy per gallon as E10 pump gas, you will be using about 35 percent more E85 than E10 pump gas while driving.

With a forced-induction application, the power gains are typically in the to percent neighborhood at the same boost levels. The gains can be many times that if the boost can be turned up to levels not approachable on E10 pump gas. However, if you are road racing the vehicle, the cooling benefit is worth the expense as it will help keep the engine temps in check with a proper tune.

Nitrous oxide is one of the best bang-for-the-buck power adders for racing vehicles. At the touch of a button, an instant torque and horsepower boost can be delivered as the oxygen-rich nitrous oxide and additional fuel combine to allow more fuel to be converted into power. As for teaming E85 with nitrous oxide, there are benefits over using nitrous oxide with E10 pump gas.

The addition of nitrous oxide accelerates burn rates in the combustion chamber. When a fuel that is prone to detonation is used like E10 pump gas , the addition of nitrous oxide exacerbates the issue. This is usually overcome by running an excessively rich air-fuel ratio when the nitrous system is engaged to slow the burn rate. However, this a band-aid more than a fix. With E85 and its superior cooling properties pulls out 2.

Getting the factory engine to handle additional power is the tricky part. The connecting rods on the FA20 engine are the weak links. The higher the torque output of the engine, the shorter the time period before the stock connecting rods let go.

Think of it as bending a paper clip back and forth.


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When placing an order with us, you will be greeted by one of the owners and recieve top notch service. There are thousands of shirt styles to choose from and picking a style can be overwhelming. We strive to make sure your dollars go the furthest with your brand! We do all embroidery in-house and use state of the art materials and equipment to ensure that our customers receive a clean and professional finished product EVERY TIME. We are able to accommodate any budget, order quantity, or due date. Grant and Brian have over 19 years of experience, making them experts in their field. We offer diamond cut and laser engraving on many different substrates.


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