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Product lineup includes Coaxial Retro-reflective Models that support positioning applications. Product lineup of models with a variety of connection specifications. Be sure to read Safety Precautions on page Perform detection from a small hole. With a coaxial optical system, the lens diameter is only 2 mm.

Sufficient incident light is obtained even through a small hole. The Coaxial Retro-reflective Sensor can be used for reliable application with positioning. Improved Stability of Short-distance Detection A detection distance as short as 10 mm can be used with a Tape Reflector.

Detection is stable through a hole whether the distance is 10 mm or mm except in combination with the ER4. For example, the E3TFL1 can stably detect a black object at 12 mm without being affected by a white background at 20 mm. Through-beam Sensors are normally sold in sets that include both the Emitter and Receiver. Orders for individual Emitters and Receivers are accepted.

Modifications are required for some models. M3 mounting models are also available. These models have the M-suffix. Values in parentheses indicate the minimum required distance between the Sensor and Reflector. The model number indication is a combination of the basic model and the connection specification. Order a Slit separately if required. Refer to Dimensions on page Slit width 0. ES63 1-mm dia. ES64 1-mm dia. One each for Emitter and Receiver; common with Slit widths of 1 dia.

Reflectors Requirement for retro-reflective: A Retroreflector is provided depending on the model number. Check the model number in remarks column. For Compact Reflectors, refer to Dimensions on page It cannot be used with other Sensors. Order a Unit separately if required.

Order a Mounting Bracket separately if required. A securing nut plate is provided with the Mounting Bracket. Used for mounting sensors. Order the set separately if it becomes lost or damaged. These screws are not used for mounting brackets to the equipment. Be sure to order a Connector separately. For M12, refer to XS5.

Current consumption 30 mA max. Emitter 10 mA max. Load power supply voltage: Load current: 50 mA max. Ambient illumination Incandescent lamp: 5, lx max. Ambient temperature range Operating:? Incandescent lamp: 5, lx max. A Slit is mounted to the Emitter and Receiver.

Distance Y mm Without Slit 0.


Ultra-compact and Slim Photoelectric Sensor with Built-in Amplifier [E3T] (E3T-CD11 2M)



超小型・薄型アンプ内蔵形光電センサ 【E3T】 (E3T-FD11 2M)


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