There in the depths of the still Siberian winter I was suddenly caught up in the whirling storm of mad revolution raging all over Russia, sowing in this peaceful and rich land vengeance, hate, bloodshed and crimes that go unpunished by the law. No one could tell the hour of his fate. The people lived from day to day and left their homes not knowing whether they should return to them or whether they should be dragged from the streets and thrown into the dungeons of that travesty of courts, the Revolutionary Committee, more terrible and more bloody than those of the Mediaeval Inquisition. We who were strangers in this distraught land were not saved from its persecutions and I personally lived through them. One morning, when I had gone out to see a friend, I suddenly received the news that twenty Red soldiers had surrounded my house to arrest me and that I must escape. On the way I bought a rifle, three hundred cartridges, an ax, a knife, a sheepskin overcoat, tea, salt, dry bread and a kettle.

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They are invariably the subjects of adolescent adventure stories, such as the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew mysteries, and R. Tunnels represent the unknown and touch the fears that reside deep in the primitive human subconscious. People who claim to have first- or second-hand knowledge or experience with these tunnels make many astonishing claims: that they contain long-lost cities; that they are inhabited by advanced civilizations — perhaps the descendants of Atlantis; that they are bases for extraterrestrials and their flying saucers ; that they are bases for secret government installations.

The government no doubt has top-secret military installations deep within mountains and perhaps underground, but this, of course, is the least fantastic of the stories. Here are highlights of some of the more extraordinary claims.

Since these stories come without photos or any other kind of verification, consider them skeptically. In any case, they are fascinating. Kinkaid made an astonishing discovery while on an expedition, sponsored by the Smithsonian Institute, in the Grand Canyon. Among his findings: A mammoth chamber about 1, feet underground from which radiates dozens of passageways "like the spokes of a wheel.

A crypt containing mummies—all adult males wrapped in a bark fabric. A shrine containing a Buddha-like idol sitting cross-legged with a lotus flower in each hand.

Stone tablets on which are carved mysterious Egyptian-like hieroglyphics. The article also mentions a legend of the Hopi Indians that says their ancestors once lived in an underworld in the Grand Canyon. The wooden coffins appeared to be hollowed out by fire, then chiseled with stone or copper tools. Each coffin was 7. The lids were open on each empty coffin.

The specimens were sent to the Smithsonian, which suggested the coffins might actually be troughs. In any case, the museum lost the artifacts. He said that U. Here are more highlights of this incredible claim: What is being passed off as the San Andreas Fault are actually large, unsupported chambers that are in the process of collapsing. A well-known U. Two U. Some of California is actually floating on the ocean.

When oil companies began pumping oil from beneath the city of Long Beach, it began to sink — up to 26 feet before the pumping was stopped. More and More Tunnels A couple from Bishop, California discovered a circular hole in the ground while exploring for petroglyphs. They climbed down the hole which bottomed out to a horizontal corridor.

On one of the walls was carved a face out of the mouth of which poured water. Suddenly the water started to gush out of the face and from other openings, and the couple was forced to abandon the tunnel.

Later, both recalled that they heard music down there. In West Virginia, workers found some caverns with strange hieroglyphics written on the walls. They also claimed to hear faint voices and what sounded like machinery coming from beyond the walls of the cavern.

Two men searching for bat guano which has some value as fertilizer at the foot of Mount Lassen found a deep cave. They followed it inside for a mile or two and noticed that the floor was worn smooth, as if it had been used for a road. Eventually they met three strange "men" who asked if they are "surface people," and then took them deeper in the cave on an electromagnetically powered hovercraft.

The story gets stranger from there. Travelers Ferdinand Ossendowski and Nicholas Roerich claim to have discovered a subterranean society below central Asia, which they referred to as Agharta or Agharti. They say it is home to 20 million people, and their civilization extends throughout all the subterranean passages of the world. A man speleological team broke into an ancient tunnel system in northern Arkansas and encountered the inhabitants of the subsurface world.

Exploring another cave in Arkansas, just north of Batesville, explorers found a tunnel illuminated by a greenish phosphorescence where they met a race of beings who stood 7 to 8 feet tall and had bluish skin. The beings, who have advanced technology, told the explorers they are the direct descendants of Noah. Brazil is said to have many entrances to an underground world. Several people claim to have proof: Two explorers returning from tunnels near Ponte Grosse in Brazil say they spent five days in an underworld city inhabited by 50 adults and some children.

The same two explorers found another tunnel entrance in Rincon and saw luminous flying saucers going in and out, and heard beautiful choral singing. An old man living near Concepiao told how he had visited a vast underground city where strange vehicles darted back and forth. An explorer looking through a tunnel near Rio Casdor met a beautiful woman who appeared to be about 20 years old, but told the explorer she was 2, years old.


Beasts, Men and Gods

His family was of Lipka Tatar descent. He studied at the famous gymnasium in Kamieniec Podolski , but he moved with his father, a renowned doctor, to Saint Petersburg , where he graduated from a Russian language school. Then he joined the mathematical-physical faculty of the local university, where he studied chemistry. As an assistant to professor Aleksander Zalewski , he traveled to many distant areas, including Siberia , the Caucasus and the Altay Mountains. For his description of his trip to Crimea and Constantinople , he received his first royalty. It is possible that he received a doctorate back in Russia, but no documents have survived. In he was allowed to return to Russia, where professor Zalewski invited him to the newly founded Institute of Technology of the Tomsk State University.


Ferdynand Antoni Ossendowski





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Ferdynand Ossendowski


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