Cross was released by his captors on December 3 when their hideout was discovered; the felquistes were flown to Cuba. Laporte was found dead in the trunk of a car on October They are a group of Quebec workers who have decided to do everything they can to assure that the people of Quebec take their destiny into their own hands, once and for all. In this sense the victory of the Liberal party is in fact nothing but the victory of the Simard-Cotroni election- fixers. Many Quebeckers have realized the truth and are ready to take action. Yes, there are reasons for the Liberal victory.

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Some of the members were organized and trained by Georges Schoeters , a Belgian revolutionary. The last two of these cells were involved in what became known as the October Crisis. From to , the FLQ committed over violent actions, including bombings, bank hold-ups, kidnappings, at least three killings by FLQ bombs and two killings by gunfire.

In Revolutionary Strategy and the Role of the Avant-Garde was prepared by the FLQ, outlining their long-term strategy of successive waves of robberies, violence, bombings, and kidnappings, culminating in revolution.

The history of the FLQ is sometimes described as a series of "waves". The ideology was based on an extreme form of Quebec nationalism that denounced Anglo exploitation and control of Quebec, combined with Marxist-Leninist ideas and arguments.

This group eventually broke up, forming the FLQ. The group was recruited among various sources, eventually recruiting one Mario Bachand. The FLQ commenced their attacks on March 7, Some of their more notable crimes include bombing a railway by which then—Prime Minister of Canada John Diefenbaker had arranged to travel within the week.

Little to no damage done. Leaflets with the aims of the FLQ were distributed widely throughout the city of Montreal. It appeared to go unnoticed as traffic continued on the rail line. An engineer eventually called in a "rough spot" that needed repair and a maintenance crew was immediately dispatched for repairs in time for Prime Minister Diefenbaker to travel through shortly after.

A bomb is detonated in the ventilation system of the Department of National Revenue. No one is injured. No one was injured. Nine of the remaining ten bombs were successfully dismantled. Multiple harmless bomb threats are received throughout the province of Quebec. Only one threat resulted in finding sticks of dynamite. Most of these individuals were also released by This group attempted to focus on training, particularly in St. A botched gun robbery August 29, , resulted in two deaths.

A number of other members of the FLQ were arrested as well. This also combined several other pro-sovereignty groups. This may have led to a more socialist FLQ attitude. It translates to "The Hit Knock ". A year-old FLQ member, Jean Corbo, was killed by his own explosive, and a year-old female office worker died during the FLQ bombing of the shoe factory Lagrenade. In September , the pair were extradited to Canada.

Within a year, this group of Felquistes had exploded 52 bombs. The various members of the group were arrested by May 2, Various attacks and Sixth wave[ edit ] Flag seen at demonstrations between in Montreal and the U. After another series of bombings, on September 28, , they bombed the home of Montreal mayor Jean Drapeau. After the bombing, police concluded that the bomb was placed in the toilet so inspectors could not find it.

The RCMP had intercepted intelligence relating to the planned riots, and prevented excessive damage. These new FLQ members bought two other houses, prepared their plans, and stocked sufficient equipment for their upcoming actions. The group split into two over what plans should be taken, but were reunited during the crisis itself. Please help this article by looking for better, more reliable sources. Unreliable citations may be challenged or deleted.



Front de libération du Québec

In the coming year Bourassa will have to face reality; , revolutionary workers, armed and organized. Yes, there are reasons for the Liberal victory. And the brave workers of Cabano that you tried to screw again know lots of reasons. The brave workers for Vickers and Davie Ship, who were thrown out and not given a reason, know these reasons. Yes, there are reasons why you, the welfare recipients, are kept from generation to generation on social welfare. Yes, there are all sorts of reasons, and the Domtar workers in East Angus and Windsor know them well. And the workers at Squibb and Ayers, and the men at the Liquor Board and those at Seven-Up and Victoria Precision, and the blue collar workers in Laval and Montreal and the Lapalme boys know those reasons well.


FLQ Manifesto


13818-3 AUDIO PDF

Manifesto of October 1970




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