I got it for including shipping! How to Perform Great Trick! Toss it to a female only! Look for 5 pretty smile girls who are willing to work with you. But beware, they forget Quick what they look at, I Suggest, have someone stand next to them to Remember their card!

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This trick has left me with a slightly split personality. If you work larger crowds of disconnected people i. If they do, they will discover the secret by process of elimination. Now to the painful separation of my personalities - The presentation by Gazzo on this DVD is dreadful. Gazzo is a great street performer and I love all his routines.

His material is often a bit on the blue side for me personally but each to their own. If I could sum up my experience of this DVD? Like pulling teeth. He rambles and goes off on unfunny tangents.

At times I found myself rewinding or restarting segments because I honestly had forgotten what I was doing. Gazzo is a great performer but his teaching, on this DVD anyway, lacks a bit of professionalism.

What I really wanted was "this is how you do the trick, a, b, c, and now here are some performance tips and patter". What I got was a jumbled mess. Did this review help you? His card is selected in a different manner than the others. As others have noted, the DVD is actually a little painful to watch. Gazzo repeats himself far too often and his disclosure is rambling and unfocused. I can understand someone being disappointed if that was their expectation.

No need to worry about troublemakers. Report this review Pro Privacy ON login to see reviewer names on January 27th, I was a bit nervous buying this product as some of the reviews were bad.

They could not have been more wrong. In fact I have never written a review for a product but I love this one sooooo much I am. I absolutely love his new edition to the trick! Many people have said that the preview is mis-leading. The thing is that to us magicians it might but to laymen It looks better than the video shows it. I have been working on this trick every day to make it as close to perfect as I can and I have to say Gazzo did a great Job!

Well, there is. Moreover, Gazzo uses the tossed out deck as a secondary prop for what he views as his comedy routine. That his humor is bawdy is not the issue. In the right setting that is acceptable, even appreciated. But the fact that he repeatedly denigrated gay and lesbian persons is not acceptable.

Using a magic trick as a prop is one thing. Using human beings is another. The time when it was considered funny to use pejorative references to any societal minority is gone. I sincerely hope that no easily-influenced young person would pick up on this and attempt to use it in his or her own act.

This kind of humor is wrong, even if some people have not yet come to realize it. For my part, it succeeds only in depleting the entire act and instruction, and hence the one star for a pretty good spin the the tossed out deck. She was clearly uncomfortable. Catch up to the times. The day for that sort of thing is over. Oh, one more thing. I really should review a couple of those. Think I will. Also this needs to be done for a big group of people.

The DVD and the deck is good value here. Great vid! Gazzo also shows how to do the trick with a straight deck for only 3 people! Finally, he teaches several card sleights, one of which is worth the price of the whole pkg.! If you want a crowd pleaser then this is the DVD for you! Simply amazing Report this review Pro Privacy ON login to see reviewer names on April 8th, This is a great effect since it involves so many different people in the audience.

Any effect that includes multiple members in the audience will get huge reactions. Gazzo gives up some wonderful presentation ideas. The only problem is, the only way you can truly practice this, is infront of an audience. But, that being said, the first time i performed this, the results were HUGE!


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