JoJogis Irakere was more latin jazz and songobut I feel like in the 70s, Cuban music was more inspired by jazz harmonies. The montunoz and guiro start, then you hear the mambo clavethen trumpet! And, dancing helps your time! Watch this video on YouTube Montuno patterns for salsa guitar Video lesson of montuno section. Like the needle said to the record: I recommend lovers of 70s music to schedule in some serious listening time to these guys.

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Fenrikus These are just ideas. You will receive a link to download the all media files. Watch this video on YouTube Montuno patterns for salsa guitar Video lesson of montuno section. An additional MP3 library consisting of an extended percussion only audio tracks in and clave.

It goes like this:. Remember to learn the songs as much as you can from the vinyl! This a great book to practice up different montunos. Watch this video on YouTube One chord montuno. Irakere hails from Cuba and they are a genre-warping experience. A Tres One way to start is try to play what either a tres or cuatro is playing or to try an imitate part of what the piano is doing.

Hope this article helps you enjoy playing some beautiful music! But being able to play a major groove and a guirar groove are good places to start out.

Watch this video on YouTube Chan Chan. It comes in later 4: Great for practicing, songwriting and music production. Cascara means shell and the patterns are usually played on the shell of the timbales. But an eye opening moment for me was hearing this wonderful album from Kenny Burrell that included Ray Barretto.

It may sound complicated but it is pretty straight forward once you start feeling the groove. Of all the musical styles, to me, mambo is the main immediate precursor to salsa, if not really the first chapter of salsa music. Tons of written and audio examples. We will come back to the clave. Buena Vista Social Club is a good example of some of the old-school Cuban styles of music that people usually associate with salsa.

So please check out the lesson, but please also continue you search for other sources of knowledge. All guitar examples written in staff and tablature.

You can basically play the piano montuno. It has a montuno-like guitar part. Montknos numbers above are the two bar count. Thanks and best wishes! For now, just tap the beat with your foot and the clave with your hand.

Please note, that while I have some experience with the style, I am certainly by far not an expert! Digital download products can not be returned or exchanged for another product. Try to play all the percussion parts. Much care has been taken in the recording of each example. Please listen to the audio demos below. If you learn the different rhythms you can hear better where you fit in, plus understand the accents, and also get a better feel for everything. You can pick any note from the chord but play with the following rhythm.

An iconic song by Tito PuenteI would suggest you check out a few versions montubos the song to get a feel for how all these great musicians adapted it montunls different musical settings. Pick a slower song or a cha-cha-cha and just dance the mambo slowed down to practice and just groove on the basic step. Check out Afro-latin Afro-Cuban and Afro-Puerto-Rican musical styles to understand the deeper roots of salsa, son and mambo.

This goes from G to F. Before or simultaneous to learning a few starter riffs to play on guitar depending on who you talk to, called montunos or tumbaos …definitely check out these different interlocking rhythms that really make salsa music what it is. You could also play them with a bell. TOP Related Articles.






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