Brasida Preview — Gyo by Junji Ito. Ito characters are frequently given a choice: When she attempts to remove the walking machine from Kaori, Koyanagi appears, now mutated by the infection and attached to a modified walking machine that allows him to fly. Also included is an excellent short story called The Enigma of Amigara Fault where human-sized holes appear on the side of a mountain, drawing people to the site who believe the silhouettes are themselves and the holes are calling them in. Not as good as Uzamaki but definitely great stuff.

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Aug 05, Michael Jandrok rated it really liked it Man, this manga stinks. It carries a stench from page one all the way through to the end of the book. Its kinda like that dead cat out there marinating behind the dumpster that hasnt been picked up for a week during the height of summer. Oh, and its pretty fun, too.

Gyo is a horror manga written and illustrated by Junji Ito, who is probably better known for two of his other popular horror mangas, Uzumaki and Tomie. Ito is renowned for his vivid imagination and the carefully Man, this manga stinks. The story starts out normal enough, as bickering young couple Tadashi and his girlfriend Kaori are vacationing on the island of Okinawa.

This is followed by the appearance of an unusual fish that appears to be walking on land on a pair of metal legs. Tadashi reports the strange sighting to the local police, who pooh-pooh him and threaten to arrest him for pranking them. But things move fast in this story, and by the third chapter Ito has quite literally jumped the shark.

Kaori is feeling and acting strangely, the uncle reveals a horrible secret from the past, the stench of death and decay permeates everything with predictably nauseating results and…..

As horror manga go, this is pure s-era creature-feature stuff all the way. At the beginning, Ito walks a very fine line between more traditional scares and gross-out action. By the time that the story ramps up he abandons any pretense of restraint and just lets it all hang out in stomach-churning fashion. The reader can almost get a sense of that horrid death-stench…..

There is also a single volume edition available. A good bet would be to leave a copy of this in the guest bathroom, right next to the can of air freshener…



Enjoyment 5 If you read the manga and like me, were looking forward to this adaptation - prepare for a dissapointment, that is, if you bother to watch this Basically, someone has taken this story and though I know! Now - I will forget all about he manga and treat this OVA as a stand alone story Still, not good! On her journey, she comes across a guy who is of much help and has somewhat of a similar backstory to hers rocked by a certian loss.


Gyo, Vol. 1

Edit Main character of Gyo. In the beginning it shows that he loves scuba. He has a girlfriend named Kaori and an uncle named Koyanagi. He noticed something was funny when Kaori said he had bad breath, although he brushes his teeth twice a day.

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