Clinical PE is ejaculation within approximately 1 minute after vaginal entry and the inability to delay ejaculation for penetrative intercourse, occurring at least half of the time and causing negative personal consequences, such as anxiety, frustration, avoidance of sexual intercourse and relationship distress. Men who ejaculate rapidly are simply too excited to register. Rapid ejaculation is the repeat behaviour of initial experiences when full awareness of the erotic feeling was thwarted, before sticking with the habit. In some cases, later occurring rapid ejaculation, can be a sign there is an underlying physical problem, such as a urological disorder, prostatitis or diabetes, otherwise the cause is mostly psychological. The impacts of PE Rapid ejaculation can lead to further sexual dissatisfaction.

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Start NOW Supportive Studies Premature ejaculation is one of the most common sexual issues facing men, and researchers have been working on treatments for it for many years. Many important research studies have been conducted on sexual behavioral therapy; the results of these studies are reported here. Semans developed a cornerstone behavioral exercise treatment Urologist James Semans developed a simple technique that can be practiced to overcome premature ejaculation.

Semans recommended that a patient train himself using the following method. His partner stimulates his penis either orally or manually until he experiences the sensations of an imminent ejaculation. He then asks his partner to stop, and then, once this highly aroused state disappears, the partner resumes stimulation until he reaches the same state, after which the partner stops again.

This cycle is repeated until the patient is able to postpone ejaculation indefinitely. Parts of the PE Program are based on the exercises developed by Dr. Masters and Virginia E. Johnson were pioneers of the research into the diagnosis and treatment of sexual disorders from until the s.

Like Dr. Semans before them, they developed a technique designed to help men with PE become aware of the feelings and sensations that precede ejaculation, and then to learn to delay ejaculation by increasing their ability to tolerate and control these feelings.

The technique progresses from manual stimulation to motionless intercourse to intercourse with both partners moving, but unlike Dr. Masters and Johnson reported that after a two-week intensive program, Kaplan shares her experience with exercises for premature ejaculation in her new book Dr. Helen Singer Kaplan was an American sex therapist and the founder of the first clinic in the United States for sexual disorders established at a medical school.

Kaplan suggested that premature ejaculation occurs when a man lacks voluntary control over his ejaculation. Kaplan helped spread the word about the effectiveness of sexual behavioral therapy exercise treatment for overcoming premature ejaculation, a method that strives to give men control over their ejaculation.

They developed a new form of treatment for premature ejaculation called functional sexological treatment. They decided to test how it compares to traditional behavioral therapy which combines the stop-start and squeeze technique exercises. The new treatment increased the duration of intercourse and the sexual satisfaction of both partners as much as the behavioral treatment.

The efficacy of the behavioral treatment which is the basis of the PE Program was once again validated. Carufel and Trudel reported an average of an 8. The PE Program will provide you step-by-step guidance to completely overcoming premature ejaculation.


0876305427 - How to Overcome Premature Ejaculation by Singer Kaplan, Helen

This disorder refers to circumstances where your inability to control the ejaculation course before the climaxing period during intercourse with your female partner surfaces. Allow yourself to feel comforted by the thought that you are not the only one. People have suffered from this syndrome in the past and emerged victorious in tackling this sexual disorder. Never neglect such issues as they can have a negative impact on your relationship with your partner. Take help and show your partner that you actually care for her and her sexual satisfaction. Also refer to the below-mentioned details and set another example of successful recovery from the anomaly.


How to Overcome Rapid Ejaculation (PE)



How to overcome premature ejaculation



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