No, laborious refers to the effort which I went through in order to slog through the book. The story at the heart of this novel is in itself very thin. The one thing for which I can give credit to Bower is that the story is told from the point of view of a converso, a Jew who has converted to Christianity as a result of the expulsion of the Jews from Spain by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. And this is where the story takes a downward turn. From there, the story becomes tedious and, frankly, rather dreadful as we watch Esther ruin her life with her delusions of her love for Cesare and his reciprocating feelings or so she feverishly imagines. Throughout most of the book, I repeatedly had to fight back my gag reflex.

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I peccati dei Borgia (Sins of the House of Borgia), Sarah Bower



“I peccati dei Borgia ” di Sarah Bower



I peccati dei Borgia


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