Withitness This simple term means to know what is happening in all areas of the classroom at all moments. Teachers are much like managers because they must know what is going on with all the students just like a manager must know what all the employees are doing. Momentum keeps the lesson moving. It creates discipline through lesson management. Smoothness This ability is important in a classroom in order to keep students focused on the lesson.

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This technique allows the teacher to have an idea about those students who may cause an unwanted tangent and those who may have a good question, pertaining to utilise the time effectively.

Jacob Kounin [Group Management] Jacob Kounin, author of Discipline and Group Management in Classrooms developed a theory focused on preventing unwanted behaviour by implementing effective lesson management. The time could be set for 30 minutes. Often classroom misbehavior increases when a classroom moves from one task or activity to another.

The teacher avoids going off topic. Classroom Management Theorists and Theories. Once the timer has elapsed the students would be instructed of how to rotate. Grab your pen and take note pf the following important keys.

Many times, a teacher can get distracted and leave a topic open and not come back to it until later, which can be confusing to students. Once the students are doing their work the teacher can go to the tardy student and tell them what they missed or answer any questions from the homework assigned the night before.

The teacher should make lectures short to allow students to group together and move around to gain more knowledge of the content. Finally, maintaining focus with group alerting and student accountability will ensure understanding and participation. He believed that in order for a teacher to have an effective connection between management and teaching, there needed to be good Lesson Movement. The students can facilitate a discussion. The teacher cannot always get every student involved in a lesson.

This can also look like asking random questions, or asking a student a question and then looking around at other students to see if they are thinking or ready to respond. Smoothness is maintaining direction in the lesson and not being diverted by irrelevant tyeory. Being able to keep on track without getting on tangents as well as being diverted by irrelevant questions or information is important. Make students aware that they will jadob graded for their participation and contributions to the group.

He learned that teachers were always receiving similar responses from their students no matter how they reacted to misbehavior in the classroom. The final aspect that results in Lesson Movement and effective teaching through integrating management and learning is group focus. Kounin outlined specific ways to prevent misbehaviour, manage the lesson and maintain focus in the classroom.

Published by Charlene Barrett Modified over 2 years ago. Views Read Edit View history. Momentum is the flow of a lesson. The teacher should know each student on a personal basis i.

When every student always has something to do, each will not become clawsroom and find off-task behavior to engage in. This means that with-it-ness, overlapping, smoothness, momentum, and group focus all must meld together to form a coherent whole. Kounin emphasizes that providing smooth and effective transitions is one of the most important techniques in maintaining student involvement and class control.

Share buttons are a little bit lower. Overlapping — The teacher can have a procedure where the they are able to have to situations going on at the same time. Related Posts



Movement Management Transitions: - Keeping lessons moving with avoiding abrupt changes. Smoothness: Smooth transitions between activities. Avoid going off topic. Momentum: Appropriate pace and progression through a lesson At a consistent flow Teachers must be well prepared. Maintaining Group Focus: Students are prepared for the content of the lesson. Keep the whole class involved and interest. Dona was not paying attention in the class.


Jacob Kounin-Instructional Management Theory

Students only use English in English lessons. Students are unconfident and shy to use English. Students have different mother tongue first language Insufficient and ineffective of basic skills and foundations in English learning. Withitness may only be effective for experienced teacher A beginning teacher thus should discuss with the class teacher about the students e. An experienced teacher is teaching English in a classroom. Since she knows her students very well, thus she knows who are usually misbehave in the classroom.


Kounin’s Theories on Lesson Management and Discipline in the Classroom

Zukree We live in an era when research tells us that the teacher is probably the single most important factor affecting student achievement—at least the single most important factor that we can do much about. Of the four elements outlined in Chapter 1, this is probably the most unusual, jacov least in terms of its title—mental set. Next, specific programs that are particularly strong in a given aspect of classroom management are considered. I discuss, manaagement non-technical terms, the results of that meta-analysis throughout the book, and they form the foundation for my recommendations.

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