Either those who are not trying to understand the evils of the society in the failure of its system or those who are interested or faith in the existing system. Indian story tellers from the beginning itself, trying to analyze — the contradictions between the individuals, contradiction between an individual and the society and base of all evils — in the characters of the individuals and the decline of their moral values. But in the earlier stages of the development of societies and epistemology such an idea, itself a great advancement in the process of understanding the contradictions. But in the later stages of the development of society, it has proven that such a simple logics fail to capture the real problems of our society, their solutions never turned as a life style in the prevailing societies. Here only we came to analyze all the way of our life through some advanced logics such as system failures, Development of society Vs. This is the reality we are seen and learnt from the Life and History of mankind.

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Thanks to the author. Initially I had no idea what difference these stories are gonna make. After each story it ripped my heart out. I never heard of these great humans before and I felt ashamed of it.

On the other hand it was proud knowing em. Loved Dr. K, and Somervell. Their magnanimous and idealism really moved me. A complete book!! Oct 04, Arvind Srinivasan rated it it was amazing Recommended to Arvind by: Sathish In a book if one story becomes a lesson I would generally rate it high, if most of the characters in each story shows a lesson I dont know how to rate it and how to review it.

This book is not collection of life stories but collection of great life lessons. A story that took half an hour to read took me 2 - 3 hours to digest. Already have spent some sleepless hours at night because of this book. I am sure I am going to have much more. I take great praide having read this book. Even in case u cant In a book if one story becomes a lesson I would generally rate it high, if most of the characters in each story shows a lesson I dont know how to rate it and how to review it.

Just a word of caution, it might require complete concentration to understand the stories so be prepared Title of book this "Aram which means "Virtue". A collection of 12 short stories based on the people who lived truthful life on their own way.

All the stories concentrate on the core point "Virtue or Righteousness", the meaning of human life. It simply shatters the soul, penetrates through the thoughts there by changing the perspective of looking human life. The indestructible impact of this book and its personalities would haunt my life forever with my wet eyelids. Stories that we cross by but tend to forget as it goes and easily ignore. Aram, in my view, is much an educating stuff that deserves a case study on our high school.

It made me to think a lot about the human life as well as wild life.. How creatures are created with enormous amount of pain tolerating skills.. Now a days I started to feel the pain of street dogs with wounds.. Really a man is a Vain insect. Jan 13, Nithya rated it it was amazing Well written..


- ஜெயமோகன்

Bahuleyan Pillai and B. Visalakshi Amma. Visalakshi Amma hailed from a family of trade-unionists. Very early on, Jeyamohan was inspired by his mother to take up writing. After high school, Jeyamohan was pressured by his father to take up commerce and accountancy in college. The suicide of a close friend drove him to drop out of college and constantly travel the country in search of physical and spiritual experience. He took up a temporary job at the Telephones department in Kasargode where he became close to the Leftist trade union circles.



Dikasa The dialogues with the Guru opened new views into the body of Indian thought, which culminated in his acclaimed work Vishnupuram in By redirecting your social media traffic to your website, Scoop. How can I send a newsletter from my topic? One must have a lot of patience to pay attention to all the intricate details which Jayamohan has mentioned. Wearing the wrong bra size can ruin an otherwise flawless outfit.

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