This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. The book in question has been rattling around in my head for years. I figure photographers are like trees. As we get older in this business, we grow rings. We trace our path year after year, and where we have been and how we grow is in fact written down, on our minds and our bodies, even if we are unaware.

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Page after page of approachable information about great photos and how they were gotten -- which turns out to be duh! It transformed the way I look at my camera and the opportunities I will create behind and in front of it. Nov 09, Katelyn rated it liked it Interesting photo book.

The photos were really fun to look at, and I enjoyed reading about the authors experiences while shooting them. As a learning book, a lot of what he talked about is not possible for me to do right now, due to lacking the equipment he suggests. Also, towards the end of the book he randomly started throwing in some unneccessary foul language that kind of caught me off guard. Feb 07, Andrea rated it it was amazing Learning the stories behind the photographs always makes me enjoy the image more.

The book takes you there Joe McNally reminds you photography is hard work but a lot of fun too! I hated the familiar language the author used to address the reader, the jokes were not funny, and just generally a lot of the spiel was hollow and necessary.

It made it such a difficult read. At about halfway through the book, I decided to only read the quotes in bold and stop when the photos were really interesting which meant exactly 3 times. Out of the pages, I got only 2 pieces of useful advice. The information he gives are really specific to that kind of photography. In fact, a lot of the photos are not even that good imho. The technical talk he brags about is also 1 annoying 2 not useful.

Many great photographers used natural light, and the feeling I got closing the book—although the author does leave one or two pages dedicated to the strict minimum, gear wise— was that I needed to get an assistant, buy x many soft boxes lighting combs and whatnot.

Fun to read and ponder on. Mar 20, Richard rated it really liked it This is a great how-to book as well as a beautiful selection of random photographs from a well-known photographer. Joe McNally has been producing photographs for the likes of "Sports Illustrated" and "National Geographic" for some time. Like many professionals, he no doubt is often asked to share his expertise with others, and he responds here with his descriptions of the background of photo projects, while clearly showing the technical and creative processes of getting publishable pictures.

He This is a great how-to book as well as a beautiful selection of random photographs from a well-known photographer. He constantly provides his expertise to participants in workshops and viewers of photo tutorials. Beyond the descriptions of lighting and camera settings, however, is the constant reminder of what a photographer does.

As McNally explains early in the book p. When that process works properly, a picture extracted from a frozen moment in a changing world results in something of value which contains an element that will be otherwise gone forever.

In the end, everyone using a camera to capture a moment important to them knows the happy feeling of knowing they got what they wanted through the lens. He is a master of all kinds photographic lighting, especially strobes. McNally has a long working history with Nikon equipment and he uses the Nikon line of lights, but his lessons are transferable to any brand of electronic lighting.

Joe McNally wisely gets the theoretical photographic basis out of the way early in the book to let the reader bask in depth, page after page, in outstanding images. If this book leaves you wanting more of the same, there is the follow-up "The Hot Shoe Diaries", New Riders press, , in which the author answers readers of "The Moment it Clicks" who asked for more detailed information on how and where the lighting was set up for each photograph.


The Moment It Clicks Photography Secrets



The Moment it Clicks by Joe McNally


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