Previously, by your mercy, you described to me the history of the Ganga River, the benefits of worshiping Vishnu, the giving of grains in charity, the giving of water in charity, and the magnanimity of drinking water that has been used to wash the feet of the brahmanas. O best of sages, Sri Gurudeva, now, with great enthusiasm, I desire to hear of the benefits of fasting on Ekadasi and of the appearance of Ekadasi. When did Ekadasi take birth and from whom did she appear? What are the rules of fasting on the day of Ekadasi? Please describe the benefits of following this vow and when it should be followed. Who is the utmost worshipable presiding deity of Sri Ekadasi?

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He never distinguishes about their birth and caste in seeking their association A devotees glory can be seen with that deep knowledge and practices which takes them nearer to LORD. It will be a boon serving such advanced devotees.

The most advanced devotee Nampaaduvaan sang in praise of Lord Thirukkurungudi Nambi at Thirukkurungudi temple. He submitted the fruit of the punya earned by him to a brahmin turned BrahmaRakshasa SomaSharma and thus converted him back into a Brahmin.

The Uttana Ekadasi glorifies this divine pastime which happened few hundred years ago near a remote village Thirukurungudi which is briefed in the next few lines. Of the Ekadasi marking the annual calendar, the interval between the Sayana and the utthana ekadasi represents the span of yoga nidra cosmic slumber of Lord Sriman Narayana. Kaisika Ekadesi is a very important day for all Sri Vaishnavites. As per Elders ,even Vaikunta Ekadesi festival stands next to this glorious day.

The word kaisikam means swaram. This kaiSiki raga, is favorite to Lord as per the Srivaraha puranam. The divine message behind the auspicious day reverberates the fact that caste is not a hindrance in attaining LORD and true bhakthi alone is enough. Lord varaha Perumal explains to Mother Sri Bhumidevi the greatness of those devotees who glorify him unconditionally without possessing any knowledge but just devotion and love towards HIM. Lord assures that such a devotees even if they go to other planets , they would not think of the pleasures in such places and instead keep singing deeply moved in the mood of just glorifying HIM alone thus eventually they acquire HIM without any doubt.

Swamy Parasara bhattar aptly names this pious soul as nampaduvan since the purana does not speak about the devotees name. Every night, he would walk several miles to the Thiru Kurungudi Nambi temple and with utmost devotion for hours together would stand before the Lord with his Veena and glorify the Lord with his ballads and before dawn, he would go back to his place, so no one noticed his presence at the temple.

This was his daily routine This almost happened for about ten years Once during the month of Karthigai November- December month Nambaduvaan left to Lord Kurungudi nambi temple to observe his Ekadasi fast and glorify the LORD as done earlier. As he was passing in the dark night through the village he was way laid by a Brahmarakshasa on the way to temple.

The Rakshasa was looking very fearful and demanded its share of food and threatened him. Nambaduvaan was shocked. He pleaded with Brahmarakshasu that, he would return back soon after his austerity is done with the last darshan of Lord ThiruKurungudi Nambi.

The Rakshasa was not prepared to believe him. Nambaaduvan pleaded the Raakshasha to allow him to go to the temple for a night which may be his last , so he could sing praise of the Lord one last time and that he would come back in the morning for the Raakshasha to consume him. The Raakshasha laughed out stating no one in this world would be foolish enough to let go a handy prey. Wanting to meet the Lord one last time, Nambaaduvan requested the Raakshasha several times.

Finally he submits with all humility that he will accrue the related sins mentioned below in case he ignores the promises. Nambaaduvan now clearly makes those 18 such promises that night and states that if he fails even in one of those 18 promises, he will be a party to committing of all these 17 deadly sins. Lord Naarayana is the one and only supreme force and is incomparable. This bold statement by Nampaduvan instills faith in the rakshasa about his sincerity.

The Rakshasa says Oh! None would dare to say this. Anyway , I believe on you, and shall wait till you return. Nambaduvaan glad that he was allowed , happily marches to Sri Kurungudi temple, observes his jAkratha vratham , glorifies LORD with his songs for the last time and thanks HIM for his mercy seva for almost 10 years. The next day Nambaduvaan walks back to submit himself to the Brahmarakshasa as promised. Lord ThiruKurungudi Nambi out of abundant compassion comes before him dressed as an old man Nambi kizhavan.

He asks him why is he was returning in such a hurry? Nambaduvaan explains about the incident. Nambaduvaan replies that he would stand on Dharma being LORDs devotee and accepts whatsever comes on the way instead of this diminishing life.

Lord Thirukurugur Nambi is pleased with his devotion and blesses Nambaduvaan. Now as decided Nambaduvaan meets Brahmarakshasa as promised and submits himself to consume him. Nambaaduvaan states that his glorifying the LORD was not done with any motive. The Rakshasa pleads him to at least credit his punya he got from the songs he sung last night. Later with further openness the Rakshasa reveals that previous birth he was a Brahmin vidwan Soma Sarma and used to conduct Yaagams Havans.

Due to his arrogance of considering himself as the all knowing, he committed many sins including not completing a Yaagam. Hence, he had to take the ugly form in this birth. This divine pastime strongly reiterates that true bhakthi is enough to attain Him and caste of a person is totally insignificant.

Kaisika Puranam, is a part of Sri Varaha Puraanam and comprises of several hundred slokas which glorify Lord Narayana as the ultimate supreme. On the Kaisika Ekadesi day an event that dates back several hundred years is enacted. There is a mandapam known as Kaisikga Mahatmyam mandapam where Perumal along with naachiyars, azhwars and acharyars give darshan. Just ten days before this event , the temple servant who is all around in charge of the temple premises and another two persons belonging to devadasi vamsam take the blessings of Nambi perumal , undertake a vow vratham, and are given coconut as prasadam.

They stay in seclusion beside the sannidhi for 10 days, cook food offer it to Perumal and partake the prasadam for 10 days. The drama is enacted amidst the august gathering all through the night till the early hours next day. At Srirangam , on this day Lord Namperumal is offered new vastrams and later in the night, descendants of Sri Parasara bhattar read out kaisika puranam along with bhattars commentary.

After this, purapadu of namperumal takes place. Many incidents appended below reveal this important lesson for a devotee to progress in spiritual world. The great devotee Guha was accepted by Lord Rama as his own brother. Lord Krishna preferred to stay with Vidhura to anyother when He came as a messenger to meet the kauravas. Though he had many friends and Elders he preferred Vidhura. Lord Rama left Ayodhya the land of the learned scholars to join with the innocent monkeys and embrace Hanumanji lovingly and accepted Sugriva and Vibhishana as His Brothers.

In the Rajasooya yaga the Agrapooja was done to a gopala by name — Krishna. At Thirupuliyur, the Priests performed Agrapooja to Thirumazhisai Aazhwar who was brought up by a woodcutter. Kurumbarutha Nambi was a great devotee at Thirumala Pushpa Mandapam was worshipped and reverred by a great king and Kshatriya Thondaiman Chakravarthy.

At Srirangam the temple priest Lokasaranga carried Thirupannazhwar on his shoulders into the temple sanctorum During Thiruvaradhanam, Swamy Ramanujar used to hold the hands of Sripillai Urangavilli Dasar as Kayasuddhi.

Swamy Paraasara Bhattar had presented a wonderful commentary for the entire Kaisika Puraanam. One can have darisanam of all the Five temples of Nambi Perumal. All glories to the devotees who are attending the great festival at this Holy place on November 30th ,


The Story and Significance of KAISIKA EKADASI

Parasara Bhattar, son of KoorathAzhvaan, took the story of a complex Kaisika Puranam in Sanskrit and created the vyakyaanam, in Tamil, in a simple, easily understandable language that was hitherto non existent. Kaisika Puranam Story Kaisika Puranam revolves around Nambaduvan, a low caste person belonging to the Baanar family, his unflinching faith in Lord Nambi and how he was instrumental in liberating a Rakshasha from a curse and helping him attaining Vaikunta Moksham. Every night, he would walk several miles to the Thiru Kurungudi Nambi temple, and for hours together would stand in front of the temple with a Veena in his hand and sing praise of Lord Nambi. And before dawn, he would leave the temple.


Kaisika Ekadesi and the most advanced devotee Nampaaduvaan……

This article narrates the life of nampAduvAn an ardent devotee of thirukkuRungudi nambi emperum An and his conversation with a brahma rAkshasa a brAhmaNa who was born as a rAkshasa due to the mistakes he committed while performing yAgams in his previous birth on an EkAdhasi night. Long ago, the earth became submerged in the "praLaya jalam" causal ocean. At that time, bhUmi pirAtti feeling grieved for the suffering souls who are residing in the earth and wondering how they will be uplifted, asks emperum An to show an easy path for her their children and emperumAn says"if they glorify me, they will be uplifted from this samsAram" and explains the life of nampAduvAn to demonstrate the means of "nAma sankIrthanam" singing the glories of emperum An. The charithram is explained by bhagavAn as shown here: emperum An is mercifully present in the dhivya dhEsam named thirukkuRungudi along with srI dhEvi and b hU dhEvi who are his primary consorts. In the outskirts of that dhivya dhEsam, there lived a great devotee of emperumAn, who was born in a chaNdALa dog-eater - who are outside the varNa system family. Every night, he approaches the sannidhi of emperumAn along with his vINA veeNai is a string instrument , stays at the proximity allowed for him in sAsthram, sings songs glorifying emperum An with melodious tunes in his vINA and returns to his residence before the residents of the dhivya dhEsam wake up. Because of this, he became to be popularly known as "pAduvAn" one who sings.

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