Kun je het artikel dat je zoekt niet vinden? Vraag hier een offerte aan. Onderdelen Kenwood keukenmachine Onder keukenmachines verstaan we allerlei apparaten die jou helpen heerlijke gerechten op tafel te zetten. Bij de term keukenmachine denken de meeste mensen echter aan de veelzijdige foodprocessor, die dankzij de vele opzetstukken veel meer doet dan alleen hakken en fijnmalen. Vaak wordt de processor geleverd met blender, gardes, kneedhaken, messchijven en nog veel meer handige onderdelen. Heb jij thuis ook een Kenwood keukenmachine staan, zoals een foodprocessor of keukenmixer?

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Promises so Much, Provides so Little published 5 years ago Purchased the Kenwood FPM system as a replacement for my trusty old Breville Blender thinking i could use a food processor, juicer, blender and all the bells and whistles the Kenwood came with. First impression was it was good "Bang for your buck" with all the inclusions. That was until i decided to use it. First use was the blender as i make a LOT of protein drinks. Protein powder, Ice, Milk, banana - Blend.

Simple right? Protein powder sat underneath the bla Read more des untouched, banana was mashed admirably but ice was still in hard cold lumps. Back to the trusty old Breville blender after that. The machine sat in the cupboard unused for months as we moved house and had little time for its use.

It was a few months until i got the machine out again to make a cheesecake base. Not much effort really to blend up buscuits and butter, a little muscle and rolling pin can do it so a food processor should make short work of it. I was alarmed by a slight burning plastic smell when using this but thought nothing of it other than burning off the dust it collected while sitting around unused.

For a few months after that all the machine was used for was basic processing of buscuits, everything else sat there unused. Ii was given a breville juicer at the same time and never thought about using the juicer, it looked flimsy compared to the sole purpose juicer i was using.

Finally i come to the mill attachment. This is where the death of the machine started. This suggests to me the actual machine was on fire. Smoke continued to pour out of the machine despite it being turned off. Due to something burning inside the motor seemed dead. Alas the machine is broken and now in the rubbish.

My review is summarised as this. The Kenwood Food Processor promises to be numerous kitchen appliances but fails when trying to process anything more than buscuits.

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