Morr By pointing out that literature is the offspring of mythology and by rediscovering the forgotten sources of literary imagination, he opposed the academic superstition which had tended to dismiss it as non-scientific. Gallimard, ; Le Yoga. Isabel si apele Diavolului Bucharest: Nonetheless, life in Paris proved soon to be a difficult test for Eliade. Deriving etymologically from imago representation, imitationthe imagination, he noted, imitates exemplary models or images and reactualizes them. Hasdeu the breadth of their knowledge fascinated Eliade. Editura pentru Literatura, ; The Quest.

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While mircwa Renaissance philosophy, Eliade became persuaded that he had to broaden his cultural horizon and dig deeper in order to arrive at a more comprehensive humanism —i. At the same time, Eliade became interested in exploring the symbolism of the androgyny and the dialectics of the integration of opposites.

University of Notre Dame Press, This theme was developed later in The Snakea fantastic novel with banal characters that become involved in a series of strange happenings. Cugetarea, ; Lumina ce se stinge Bucharest: While being keenly aware that he did not write a book that represented him totally, Eliade was never wary of stressing the unity of his oeuvre. The activities organized by Criterion ceased eventually toward the end of as a wave of political extremism began to sweep the whole country.

His second book, The Light That Failed was finished in and published four years later. The watchful eye of the Secret Services did not spare Eliade who had written a few right-wing articles.

Publicom, ; Insula lui Euthanasius Bucharest: Irina Preda rated it it was amazing Jul 22, At the same time, the first critical interpretations of his works started coming out, culminating with a Festschrift, Myths and Symbols: Cultura Nationala, ; India Bucharest: From Muhammad to the Age of Reforms Chicago: Romanian-born historian of religion, fiction writer, philosopher, professor at the University of Chicago, and one of the pre-eminent interpreters of world religion in this century.

Mar 07, Theron rated it it was amazing. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Maria rated it liked it Dec 26, In the summer ofwhile working hard on his book on shamanism, Eliade suddenly succumbed to the temptation of writing a new novel —The Forbidden Forest— that was going to occupy him for the next five years.

Journal founded and edited by Mircea Eliade; Luceafarul. Anca rated it liked it Sep 12, Sep 22, Alexandru Ilie rated it really liked it.

The Forbidden Forest was for him much more than a new title added to his bibliography; it also meant a wliade stone between past and future. The Seabury Press, ; J. In The Return from Paradise, Eliade returned to the issue of his generation and deplored the loss of the paradise in cartew he and his fellows had lived before being thrown into history the theme of the terror of history was also going to loom large in his later writings and novels.

Mona rated it it was amazing Oct 22, To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Librairie Orientaliste Paul Geuthner, to3 vols. The attic was his exclusive place where he could read with impunity as long as he pleased.

Open Preview See a Problem? As Eliade recalled in dde Autobiography I,near all of the ideas expounded in the books published in French and English after can be found in nuce in his Romanian essays written between and Destin, ; From Primitives to Zen.

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La tiganci

Format carte: Descriere carte: O data cu primul sau volum de nuvele, publicat la Madrid in si reluat dupa cativa ani in Romania sub titlul celei mai fascinante dintre ele, Mircea Eliade pare sa fi gasit tema de electie a "realismului magic", inaugurat de el in literatura. Este o tema pe care o va explora neobosit de acum inainte; ea descinde parca dintr-o idee recurenta a studiilor si eseurilor sale de istorie a religiilor. Potrivit ei, omul modern este, chiar fara sa o stie, apasat de o nemiloasa "tiranie a istoriei", de care cauta cu infrigurare sa se elibereze. Numai ca solutia izbavirii de aceasta tiranie trece printr-o abolire a timpului, care alcatuieste miezul acelui vartej capabil sa-l soarba si sa-l desfiinteze. Fotografiile cartilor prezentate in acest catalog online au caracter informativ si pot exista diferente intre aceastea si cartile respective.


Mircea Eliade



La tiganci - Mircea Eliade


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