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Kigazilkree The and Series are best for multi-door applications and provide easy access for the elderly and people with disabilities. The engraved, blue filled handicap symbol conforms to most accessibility codes. Merchandise may be accepted for return within 60 days of purchase if it is in its original packaging and condition, and has not been used or installed. Use the menu on the right to select available options. It is designed to provide easy access for the elderly and those with disabilities. Choose Your Options You must select options above before you can Add this item to your cart.

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Your Cart is empty, time to fill it. Generally,for two-way traffic, an actuator is required on both the interior and exterior side of the door.

The Series mounts top jamb pull side with a single lever track arm. The LCN is a Narrow style jam mounted actuator for interior use. It conforms to most accessibility codes. This versatile, easy-to-install system is low maintenance and offers the following features: You must contact us to request an RGA number in advance of returning any product! This LCN Auto Equalizer is a low-energy power door operator to be mounted on the pull side of a door. Choose Options Above Finish: Ldn operator gets mounted on the push side of a door.

The LCN single channel hand held wireless transmitter works with the radio frequency receiver for remote control of the door opening. The engraved, blue filled handicap symbol conforms to most accessibility codes. Maximum AC current load is 1 amp. The series will accept inputs from a wide variety of security systems, allowing security personnel to regulate accessability. Select Picture s Note: High-security card readers or keypads may also be used as actuators. Non-Sized series cylinder is adjustable from size 2 through size 5 and is shipped set to size 3.

The LCN single channel transmitter works with the radio frequency receiver to convert standard wall mount actuator to wireless for remote control of the door opening. This LCN Auto Equalizer low energy power door operator is used in applications where automatic opening is sometimes required to lcj access easier for those with disabilities.

More Info The LCN Auto Equalizer door closer is a manual closer with the additional benefit of the ability to be operated automatically. To ensure proper electrical functions, installation should be made when temperature is between 35 F up to F. No returns can be accepted on special order products. A circuit breaker and resettable fuses protect high-voltage inputs and low-voltage output circuits, respectively.

LCN Automatic Operator catalog section. Packages that arrive without the RGA number prominently displayed on the outside of the carton may be ln and returned to you unopened. Have a question about this product? Notice This website or its third party tools use cookies, which are necessary to its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in the cookie policy.

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LCN 4642-LONG AL Long Arm Auto Equalizer Door Operator


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