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My mother was a gangster; my godfather was born a pimp. The book is based on growth, development, childhood to adulthood, graduating to greater heights, living to learn, and learning how to live. Spirituality is very important. We have blessings to love from the dove above the Most High , so this book is based on blessings and love from above.

The book also explains how your environment will mold you into who you become, what storms you go through, and how you live your life. This book also explains how we all want to live an innocent lifestyle and how we learn from our mistakes. It also explains that as a child, you know not what you or we do is wrong. This book finally explains that a child needs to be protected from the world and be taught about the wicked and the righteous ways of the world.

A child requires adult supervision at all times; a child should not raise up another child. All in all, this book has hidden messages in plain sight, which can only seen by those with their third eye open.

I also start the book by speaking on topics that prepare you for all you will read in this book and will possibly deal with in life. Details in this book are serious.

They include words only seen in the past historically, dictionary words, and names of high-end things you should buy. Thank you for reading to succeed. Reading is self-teaching. Take what you need out of this book and what you need to give to someone else. These include the following: Live and let live; each one, teach one, and reach one; united we stand, divided we fall; truth be told, truth be spoken.

Earn blessings to love others and blessings to love to the Most High. Peace be onto the ancient ancestors, and respect to all the elders of the land of today.


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High quality scanned pages Some brief overview of this book The names change, but the game remains the same. The pimp has reached nearly mythical status. We are fascinated by the question of how a guy from the ghetto with no startup capital and no credit — nothing but the words out of his mouth — comes not only to have a stable of sexy women who consider him their man, but to drive a Rolls, sport diamonds, and wear custom suits and alligator shoes from Italy. His secret is to follow the unwritten rules of the game — a set of regulations handed down orally from older, wiser macks — which give him superhuman powers of charm, psychological manipulation, and persuasion. Kens lessons will serve any person in any interaction: Whether at work, in relationships, or among friends, somebodys got to be on top.


Pimpology: The 48 Laws of the Game


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