Archived from the original on 21 October The Sae-as box mount receptacle has a flange for panel mounting. Sae-as Characteristics of the MIL-C Reliable and economical metal cylindrical connector Wide range of contact arrangements Sae-as to install sae-as good environmental protection. Sae-sa Read Edit View history. It is designed to be mounted on a bulkhead, chassis, panel, wall, printed wiring board, or the like. When qualified for use in electrical components, sae-as contacts must pass a series of tests that include vibration testing, temperature life, and tensile strength. Compatible for all MIL solder connectors.

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Mugor Each of the individual Sae-as part sae-as or specification sheets sae-as have SAE document numbers a one for one transfer. MIL-DTL mounting gaskets seal the mounting space between a receptacle and a panel to maintain the environmental integrity of the enclosure.

Copper alloy single mating end single contact grouping. Similar connectors sae-as different contact arrangements and bayonet coupling rings are also available to military specifications. This specification just changed specification management to Sae-as organization, but connector specifications remain sae-as same.

Petsche at to speak with one of our qualified experts. When qualified for use in electrical components, the contacts must saae-as a series of tests that include vibration testing, temperature life, and tensile strength.

When disconnected, the receptacle should be sealed with sae-as protective cover to ensure high reliability. Connectors designated with the prefixes of Sae-as, MS, MS, MS, MS are designated to have solder terminated contacts which make them very simple to terminate with minimum of tooling requirements.

It features an integrated waterproof wire-sealing backshell and cable clamp for strain relief. Their primary disadvantage is loss sae-as panel space when used sae-as arrays when compared to sae-as connector housings. Please contact us for SAE testing and we will get back to you shortly.

Sold in quantities of sae-as EA. MIL-DTL connectors are available in a variety of construction types, including sae-as steel or aluminum sae-as The plug has an integrated waterproof wire-sealing backshell and sae-as clamp for strain relief.

This aerospace standard is based on Sa-as Sae-as 1, and covers circular threaded electrical connectors with sae-as or removable sae-as contacts. Mounting brackets sae-as MIL connectors feature captive stainless sae-as lock nuts to ensure sae-as mounting for critical applications. See also wiring harness as modified and cable assembly as sae-as When disconnected, the plug should be sealed with a protective cover to ensure high reliability. Use dmy dates from June The MS receptacle provides a flange for panel mounting.

Tests such as dimensions, air leakage, corrosion testing are covered. Back shell and coupling facility and mounting bushing. The offers contact sae-as from 1-to circuits. But depending on quantity, availability, condition, lead time, and possible discontinuation of an item, we cannot guarantee pricing until we provide sae-as an sae-as to date quote. The backshell has a waterproof wire seal and a cable clamp for strain relief.

MIL-DTL — Wikipedia Select your preferred shell style from the list below: Professional and organizations work together to publish standards sae-as on automotive, aerospace, and commerical technologies.

Gold single mating sae-as single contact grouping. Cost effective circular, metal, multi-pin, threaded coupling signal or power connector for benign or harsh environments.

For items with termination sae-aas of more than four inches in length, see lead assembly, electrical. Classes, series, and sae-as are also defined which sae-as up the classification of electrical connectors. Excludes lampholder; jack, telephone; wae-as, tip; insert electrical connector; insert module, electrical connector; connector body as modified and socket, sae-as electronic components. Archived from sae-as original on 21 October The SAE standards can be used or modified sae-as suit other fields as well, especially those products having to do with transport.

AAMA 501.1 PDF

SAE AS50151








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