So he was introduced to Jainism and Hinduism from early life. Later he chose Jainism because he considered that it provides best path to salvation. He was renamed Raichand by his parents when he was four years old. Later his name changed to its Sanskrit form, Rajchandra.

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I bow in a complete devotion to Param Krupaludev Shrimad Rajchandraji, my path-illuminator who unravelled the soul-perspective. First Stage Incarnation of the Era — Shrimad Rajchandraji Within every era and every sector of this eternal flow of nature, reincarnates on earth one such rare consciousness which discovers the eternity in momentariness and amidst number of differences settles in an impervious state.

One such rare consciousness which is born in the form of human but disappears in the supreme source of life before its death- one such divine consciousness is Shrimad Rajchandraji. The expressions flowing from the profound insight of Param Krupaludev uplifts and reforms all of us who are on the path of liberation- this itself is the proof of this divine consciousness being an incarnation of the Era.

An ardent devotees since innumerable births who are on their final terminal lap of merging into the eternity are very useful for the people who are spiritual seekers. These pure hearted people are like the river falling into the unfathomable ocean which even being a river has already established its identity with the ocean.

As the river flows between the two banks but ultimately at the end the banks are left behind and it enters the depth of the ocean similarly the spiritual yogi who is aware about the banks of birth-death, at the end of their spiritual journey are enriched with the enjoyment of the depth of the consciousness.

If we look at the short life span of Shrimad Rajchandraji then an ascending order of self-development can be clearly understood. When on the basis of prior worship, the diligence in present time gets activated then begins the process of accomplishment and attainment of life emerges.

Second Stage The Churning Period and Power Manifestations —87 AD Along with enrichment in the educational study this period of visibility of the special powers was also very astounding. Due to his past life wisdom the purity of his knowledge was explicit. The knowledge of Sanskrit and other vernacular languages have naturally opened up within him due to which he studied a number of old books till the age of fourteen.

In this writing Shrimadji has stringed pearls of core wisdom in such a way that even today this brief scripture is very enlightening for the people who wish to begin their journey to the supreme path of liberation and also acts as a supporting reason to empower the inclination of detachments. With emergence of this prowess he was able to concentrate on multiple activities at a time.

As the effect of this after reaching the peak of success and glory Shrimadji in every aspect renounced these acts of power demonstration which created hindrances in the path of Sadhana. At the young age of 20 when every youngster runs after the fame, Shrimadji concealed all his extraordinary power and decided to head on towards the path of self-discovery.

Due to his this prowess number of people were attracted towards him and this power could have even earned him substantial financial proceeds, however in this field as well Shrimadji realized that astrology etc. A life of a sage is spent by fulfilling his last relationships Alliances based on karma in a complete withdrawn emotion. Shrimadji while living a life of a householder only for the purpose of removal of accumulated Karmas from the soul and while doing the work of trading etc was drifting towards the spiritual-immersion.

At the age of twenty three the course of detachment became so intense that there was stability in the state of thoughtless self-realisation and the element of the state of transcendental non-attachment started originating.

The absolute knowledge has begotten; how would it be to come out of this Absolute state and go towards witnessing the entire universe and the substratum? This thought arose not only to me but also to the one who writes this letter. After the event of self-enlightenment, the period of the beneficial and beneficiary meeting began for Shrimadji.

Ambalal Bhai, soul mate Sri. Saubhagya Bhai and Laghuraj Swami, Sri. Laluji Munni also took place. The revelation of the right path received from the letter communication which happened with these people is still of supreme benefit for the category of people who are walking on the path of liberation.

Shrimadji, residing in the world due to karmic manifestation ,whose conscious was drenched in spirituality, was introduced to Mr. Mahatma Gandhi for the first time within this period AD. Fourth Stage Reaching the Peak of Purity In the time of extensive external circumstances in his life, Shrimadji diligently spent time in solitude to nurture his consciousness..

Even today these verses of Shrimadji act as the compass for the people who walk on the path of liberation. In his poetry Apoorva Avsar when on one hand it reflects the inside-out state of fully awakened and detached Lord and on the other hand giving clear directions on how to reach the state of self-actualisation for the being who is firm on the path of liberation is also clearly mentioned. The state of my consciousness should be so quiet that an old deer who gets an itch in his head should think that this is a lifeless thing and scratch his head on my body.

At this time for immersion in self and retirement from outside, Shrimadji started to travel in the area of Kavitha, Vaso, Kheda, Uttarsanda, etc. During this period because Shrimadji took a complete retirement from his business etc was solely engrossed in his self-state.

For the one whose heart is not filled with faith this will seem to be a talk of exaggeration but the one who has noticed the transformation within himself after absorbing the lessons of Vachanamrut by Shrimadji will find the interest and passion from the statement of almighty. Not keeping any reservations for Monastic Order, Beliefs and community, and who by understanding the Complete nature reached to self- experience their entire life is of inspiration and guidance for us.

There is a mention of mere few incidences from the pure life of Shrimadji here because I find that even an attempt to draft the huge and intense life like an ocean in few pages seems to be wasteful to me.

Every single phrase written by Shrimadji in his lifespan and his supreme excellent state reflecting in it be instrumental in developing within me an utmost reverence towards him and in spite of staying within the body the awareness of transcendence continues to become strong within me. This is the prayer to my param Krupaludev and well wishes to all the readers.

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