Biography[ edit ] Born in London , England, during his teenage years Maxwell was schooled at Stanborough College upon the insistence of his mother. At age 16, Maxwell worked for a period as a literature evangelist , before becoming a copyreader at Stanborough Press. On May 3, , Maxwell married a proofreader at the office, Rachel Elizabeth Joyce, with whom he had four sons and two daughters. During this period he also had articles published in the Signs of the Times. In , Maxwell became editor of the Present Truth and until was also manager and treasurer of the Stanborough Press, pastor of a nearby church, official Adventist spokesman for church-state affairs in Britain, and editor, in addition to Present Truth, of a health journal. There he took a job as editor of the very publication that had published his first serious adult article — Signs of the Times.

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I loved the illustrations and it surprised me how many stories were familiar to me as I leafed through the copies recently. These books are still available for purchase on Amazon and are well-reviewed. I could find only one negative review that correctly stated them to be damaging.

Another negative review objected to the fact that the biblical citations were not in the King James Version. These volumes are published by the Seventh Day Adventist- I am not sure where my parents picked them up. Whereupon Mother tried another method of helping her little daughter- and the neighbors must have wondered what was happening next door.

Just what happened I will leave you to guess, but I can tell you that very shortly afterward a sobbing littler girl was getting in between a pair of sheets upstairs. Margaret is crying in her bed upstairs and Donald tries to comfort her. She prays that Jesus would forgive her and make her a good little girl. Spankings are routine methods of discipline that may be overheard by the neighbors. All your actions are recorded in heaven and anyone can read them unless you pray for Jesus to smudge them out.

Emotions can be switched off at will. For example, if you know you have been forgiven, you should feel happy immediately. Prayer becomes a method to repress negative emotions. Your sins make the people around you feel sad and sick inside. Parents always act from a higher plane of understanding and discipline out of love.

Caroline is cheerful at school with her teacher, but is sometimes grumpy at home with her mother. Grumbling is a deadly sin for Uncle Arthur and he uses his usual tactics to teach Caroline an unexpected lesson.


Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories Volume One


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Uncle Arthur's bedtime stories


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