Faith and works dapat. Dapat kumilos ka din sa sarili mo. Hindi yung puro hiling lang sa Diyos. Ang Diyos ay hindi waiter na hihiling ka lang ng kung ano ang kagustuhan mo pero hindi mo naman sinusunod ang kagustuhan Niya. Nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa.

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While reading the book, I sometimes question myself, what if the things I believe were true, were not actually true nor exist, like God Himself.

What if God does not really exist? This is just one of the few things I liked about this book. There is one thing that I love in this book, and that is the striking lines of Bob Ong, he may deliver it in a light and humorous way but when you take time to read between the lines, you will see that it has a meaningful lesson or ideas behind it. This book is unpredictable, while you are reading the book you will observe that the stories only narrates a certain story.

And according to the other people that I asked about the book, some of the stories are the random thoughts and imaginations of Bob Ong. Despite the things that made this book interesting to read, there were also things that made me disappointed. First is the way Ang Paborito Libro ni Hudas was written. It was written informally which almost made me stop reading the book.

Each chapter features different stories that the author experienced related to the seven deadly sins, however, these stories were not coherent. It was interesting and fun to read at first but on the latter part of the book, I already got bored because there is no climax or peak that will make you excited reading the next chapter. I admit that at first, it was somehow funny and I did chuckle a few to be honest.

But as I go on reading the book, the humor eventually got thinner and was not funny anymore. If I would rate this book, I would give it three stars out of five. Yes, it was interesting at first but as you continue reading the book, Ang Paboritong Libro ni Hudas, it eventually became boring and I almost lost interest in reading the book. She is a 17 year-old girl who loves to listen to music and to read books. Mary France also read online novels and books in Wattpad, a website and mobile application where stories are available to read for free.

Ten years from now, I can see myself working abroad as a physical therapist. I can also see myself as the daughter who gives back to her parents.

In ten years, I would like to travel with my mom, bring her to places and give her the rest and relaxation she always deserved. I also see myself having fun with my long time friends, going to places in and outside the country.

Lastly, I see myself as a loving partner as well. A happy and active crowd is her favorite environment. She believes that things that are meant to be in your life will always be there for you and you should not beg for it and it will always be a matter of time and patience.

Kaila is a happy and cheerful person, her outlook on life is that life is too precious to be boring.

She always takes things in a light way but always partnered with passion and dedication. A decade from now, I see myself as a successful statistician and a traveler. Since I was a little kid, I always love out of town trips with my family and meeting other people. I always prefer to be in the crowd rather than wasting my time in one place and just watch other people doing their own business.

I am a type of a person who loves numbers and computations than memorizing different concepts. One of my dream and ultimate goal since I was 5 years old and until now is to have my own clothing line. And lastly, 10 years from now I see myself in a comfortable home with my loved ones.

I think if you ask anyone this question then having your family with you during this moments will always be on the top list.


Ang Paboritong Libro ni Hudas ni Bob Ong

At dahil wala akong pasok kapag weekend tulad ngayon, wala akong ibang hawak kung hindi libro, cellphone ebook , kwaderno at lapis. Pinasok ko ang librong ito na hindi ko alam kung saan ako dinala, ang alam ko lang may dalawang naguusap — tao ba ito o kaluluwa, marami silang kuro-kuro o tanong sa bawat isa, tungkol sa Diyos. Sa mga nabanggit ko nabigyan ko na marahil kayo ng ideya na ang librong ito ay tumutukoy sa mga kasalanang ito. Sa mga nakabasa na ng mga librong isinulat ni Bob Ong, masasabi kong pinaka kakaiba ito sa lahat, bakit? Una, ang mga nauna niyang libro ay pawang mga tumutukoy sa eskwelahan, pamayanan at politika, samantalang ang librong ito at tumutukoy sa pananampalataya natin sa Diyos, sa mga nilikha ng Diyos at sa Diyos. Napansin ko na lang na hindi ako naboboringan sa librong ito, natutuwa ako sa nakapaloob dito, isama ko pa yung mga personal na kwento ng buhay ni Bob Ong na konektado sa titulo ng bawat kabanata.


Ang Paboritong Libro ni Hudas

That is "Alamat ng Gubat", full of laughter and ridiculous concepts as usual. Tinapos ko yun ng isang upuan lang. And that was the first time I was able to finish a book. I just borrowed it from a classmate when I was in college.


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Ang Paboritong Libro ni Hudas Quotes


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