Our dedicated team is here to help. Administrative functions are explained in Chapter 4. An explanation of each of the configuration functions is given in the sections that aten sn Administration Backup Backup provides aten sn means to backup and restore your SN configuration settings: To backup your configuration settings, do the following: 1. Key in a password for the configuration file, then click Save.

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Double click the filename to start the installation. Numbered lists represent procedures with sequential steps. Click New to begin setting up user accounts. Administration Backup Backup provides the means to backup and restore your SN configuration settings: It is divided into four main panels, as described below: Important safety information regarding the placement of this device is provided on page Make sure that the total of all products plugged into the wall outlet does not exceed 15 amperes.

If you chose the latter, fill the IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Gateway fields with the information appropriate to your network. Tell us about it. Administrative functions are explained in Chapter 4.

Since there is only one COM port to map, you can disregard the Map consecutively checkbox. Screw the mounting brackets to the back of the Ate as described in step 1 of the wall mounting procedure. There are two methods to choose from. There are three items on the menu as described in the table below: Unpack the file to a convenient location on your hard disk.

Click Yes to accept the License Agreement. On your computer, open a terminal command line session. Select SSH from the Protocol buttons. This chapter describes the installation, features, and use of the utility.

A dialog box similar to the one below comes up: Click OK to complete the operation. In either case, your computer must be on the same network segment as the SN The Modbus Settings dialog box atten you to specify the data communications channel for the Modbus devices that the SN communicates with over the internet when its COM port is set to Modbus Mode.

Ensure that the protective devices in the building installation are properly rated to protect the system, and that they comply with national and local codes. Installed as part of the Support Tools.

Be sure to click the Logout icon when you end your session. Sn Login Failure If you are unable to perform an Administrator login because the Username and Password information has become corrupted, or you have forgotten it, for exampleyou can clear the login information with the following procedure: Where n represents a numeric character; 0 or 1. The default telnet port is Mounting For flexibility and convenience, the SN can be wall mounted or DIN rail sn, as described in the sections that follow.

In the case of the SN, the objectclass and attributeTypes configuration file directives are used to define new schema.


ATEN SN3101 Serial Device Server

Megis Turn on 1-Click ordering. Request higher bulk rates. Screw the mounting brackets to the wall. There are two methods to choose from.




IEC 61746 PDF

1 Port Serial Console Server


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