Merg A very good VHS video cassette. She persuaded the H to become more optimistic about his future, even though he was a jealous and possessive idiot because cousin Gervase had lied and spread nasty rumours about her. Either way it meant dishonor — and the end of her dreams. With her freedom lost on the turn of a card, Serena is bound by a debt of honour to marry. At various parts of the story he says romantic things in babrara strange way, to her.

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But then a cruel fate dealt her a shattering blow. Weary of her very public life in Paris, an aging courtesan takes her orphaned niece from her convent home and relocates to Monte Carlo to begin a new life. Mar 11, Mira rated it really liked it Shelves: This page was last edited on 6 Februaryat Yes her own words! This is my favourite book of hers. Serena had a rescue from unsuspected source. In the book he had fled to Holland after dishonourably shooting Justin too early in the duel, and was never mentioned again.

Books by Hazarrd Cartland. I think Amazon sells it for a ridiculous amount as it is old and hard to find. It has been a vastly disturbing day and I am very tired. Spoilers Spoilers The differences between hazare movie and book: Because I so wanted to wack the bitch and then kick in the nuts of old boar.

You must be careful. Jun 25, Carolyn rated it really liked it. One of my favorites by this author. Harlequins are the worst though; only for simpletons with some very few exceptions in older issues, as far as my experience goes. An Autobiography, was published in She lost not only her home, but her father and herself.

Compulsive gambler, Sir Giles Staverley, is tricked into gambling away his home by his old adversary Lord Harry Wrotham. Description After her mother died when Serena Staverley was just nine, her father, Sir Giles, indulged his deep passion for gambling, leaving his only child in charge of an impoverished household. Cartland seemed to have here in this sampling of her style and tale. Men and women bearing distinguished names linked with the history of England met at Mandrake for one reason and for one reason only — to gain money.

Put his own daughter on game of cards, lose her a I find about this book, when first I saw movie. Historical Romance Historical Romance. Serena Staverley was happy at Staverley Court. By far the best Barbara Cartland I read. A cratland good historical romance by and by. The novel was published in People, this romance was written waaaay back in!

What a piece of cowards shit. And back to Justin. He takes Serena to his home, Mandrake. There was a noise, guttural and thick, such as an animal makes when it pulls down its prey, and then suddenly there was only the sound of footsteps running down the tunnel towards the open sea.

She loved to roam the stately gardens of hazafd family manor and dream of her future love. Magna- Large print books — pages.

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A Hazard Of Hearts

Published 02 February After her mother died when Serena Staverley was just nine, her father, Sir Giles, indulged his deep passion for gambling, leaving his only child in charge of an impoverished household. Now a stunningly beautiful young woman, Serena is mortified to hear that her father has been killed in a duel. Worse still, it seems that he went willingly, even deliberately to his death. But why? The appalling answer is presented by her much-loved cousin Nicholas who suddenly proposes marriage — to save Serena from a terrible fate — Sir Giles has not only lost the Staverley estate on the turn of a card, but he has also gambled away the hand in marriage of his lovely daughter, along with her eighty thousand pounds inheritance all in a last desperate bet to try and best his arch-rival at the tables, Lord Vulcan. And Lord Vulcan takes her away from her beloved Staverley to his majestic ancestral home, Mandrake, which is close to the sea and where Serena finds its welcome to be strange and sinister. Abducted by a lecherous guest at Mandrake, threatened by a smuggler Marchioness, rescued by a gentleman highwayman and, resisting the marriage of convenience, Serena slowly realises that she has lost her heart to a man she thought she despised.

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189. Hazard of Hearts

Start your review of A Hazard of Hearts Write a review Shelves: virginal-heroine , sexy-hot-hero , beautiful-heroine , fucked-up-relatives , hero-celibate-during-separation , heroine-celibate-during-separation , hero-was-a-stubborn-asshole , badass-hero , pathetic-ow , no-sex This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Serena finds herself at the mercy of Justin after her father gambles with the H and loses; the end result is that the heroine loses not only her home, Staverley, but also her freedom because her father had gambled away her hand in marriage. After he lost the wager, her father then went and got killed in a duel. The issue of the marriage is put on hold for a while until they get to know each other better. But, there are bigger problems lying in wait at Mandrake.

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