Summary[ edit ] The books starts with a general introduction to Complex Dynamics , Chaos and fractals. In particular the Feigenbaum scenario and the relation to Julia sets and the Mandelbrot set is discussed. Franke , which provide additional formality and some historically interesting detail. Benoit Mandelbrot gives a very personal account of his discovery of fractals in general and the fractal named after him in particular.

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More Prof. His books on chaos and fractals were world wide bestsellers for several decades. Some of them were outstanding doctors like Klaus J. Klose, the late Jan H.

In retrospect it seems that the admiration which I felt for Eigen, Mandelbrot, or Ligeti was certainly for their outstanding work, but probably even more for their maverick-like character, their courage to leave the mainstream and open new perspectives. He was an extraordinary teacher for students suceptible for mathematics.

It felt like mathematics was created while he lectured. His style was fresh and captivating. It molded my own approach to lecturing profoundly. Learning to fly by instruments is a challenge, and once you master it, it is a joy beyond words.

But more importantly he also taught me the skills to survive challenging situations beyond the book based on his rich background: He graduated from the Citadel in Charleston in He served honorably in the United States Army and received the Distinguished Flying Cross while in Vietnam in to , where we flew helicopters on search and rescue missions behind the front lines. The late Jan H.

Hartmut was one of my first students at the University of Bremen. He also impacted my coordinate system within the sciences. In the picture above he is on the left and next to Richard D. Voss and on the far right is Dietmar Saupe. Dietmar was my first student at the University of Bremen and later became a coauthor of the books "The Science of Fractal Images and "Chaos and Fractals" and several more.

Klose, when he was head of Radiology at the University Hospital of Marburg managed to seed my interest in medical image computing in a notable way. I had always been passionate about music of all genres but contempory.

This changed forever, when I met Ligeti and befriended him. It took literally just one meeting and I was transformed. Dedicating his 17th Etude to me will forever keep us connected.

But his inclination remained with mathematics of finance. It turned out that his thesis subject, initially of pure mathematical motivation with applications in medical imaging, such as in the Visible Human Project , became instrumental for the management strategy of his fund. January we celebrated 25 years of Lehrerakademie e. Dietmar joined me and played siginificant roles on my two life changing sabbaticals at the University of Utah and when I assumed a professorship at the University of California in Santa Cruz.

Ian Malcolm in the movie Jurassic Park.


Chaos and Fractals : New Frontiers of Science

Unlike some other books on fractals, it can be read by non-specialists The book is beautifully produced and well illustrated so it is a pleasure to read. This new edition is virtually identical to the original except for some material The authors have a friendly conversational style This is a great book The authors have done a tremendous job in explaining quite difficult concepts in an elegant and simple way


Heinz-Otto Peitgen

Life[ edit ] Peitgen studied mathematics, physics and economics from until in Bonn , where he received his PhD in There, he was involved in establishing and developing the Institute for Dynamical Systems, where in he set up a computer graphics laboratory for mathematical experiments. His research specialties include mathematics, computer science and medical image computing and emphasize algebraic topology , non-linear functional analysis, partial differential equations , functional differential equations , dynamical systems , numerical analysis , chaos theory , fractal geometry , computer graphics , image processing , and image and data analysis , as well as medical image computing , focusing on medical diagnostics and surgery with a particular emphasis on oncology , as well as neurodegenerative and cardio-vascular diseases. At the beginning of his career in he contributed to computational algebraic topology. Later in the s he spearheaded fractal geometry in computer graphics, and in the early s he introduced chaos theory and fractal geometry into mathematics education and spearheaded reforms in teacher training in the US. The second half of his career was almost entirely devoted to the digital applications in medicine, in particular in radiology and surgery. Peitgen held professorships simultaneously in Germany and the US.


Chaos and Fractals

The final prices may differ from the prices shown due to specifics of VAT rules About this Textbook Almost 12 years have passed by since we wrote Chaos and Fractals. At the time we were hoping that our approach of writing a book which would be both accessible without mathematical sophistication and portray these exiting new fields in an authentic manner would find an audience. Now we know it did. We know from many reviews and personal letters that the book is used in a wide range of ways: researchers use it to acquaint themselves, teachers use it in college and university courses, students use it for background reading, and there is also a substantial audience of lay people who just want to know what chaos and fractals are about. Every book that is somewhat technical in nature is likely to have a number of misprints and errors in its first edition. Some of these were caught and brought to our attention by our readers.



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