Now a pensioner, Bronson wants to share his tips on how to cope with a solitary existence as the nation struggles through the coronavirus pandemic lockdown. Please try again later. In an exclusive interview with the Yorkshire Evening Post, Bronson spoke about the need to maintain a daily fitness regime, a good diet and the importance of taking up hobbies to keep mind and body active. All you lovely people out there who are isolated away. Bronson wrote Solitary Fitness book in

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Covers exercises for every part of a man. Dec 20, Jack rated it really liked it Do not get this book if: You give up easily. You are faint hearted. You are expecting an easy fitness program. Then again, what do you expect from a book by Charles Bronson? By the end of his 30 day program, you will be hurting, but you will be a fitter and stronger you than before.

This is not for the light skinned. Charlie shamelessly insults overweight persons, claiming they should Do not get this book if: You give up easily. Charlie shamelessly insults overweight persons, claiming they should be shot and that they are repulsive to look at. He also brags about his strength from time to time. But if you can look past this, I assure you, you will find a workout like no other. His exercises cover all parts of the body.

I MEAN all parts. Even your, as he puts it, "manhood", and female breasts. What he says works, however. Before completing the workout I was skinny and not very strong, but now there has been significant muscle growth in my arms, chest, etc. This is a hard workout plan but not an impossible one. For a man who has such unbelievable feats of strength he does not expect too much; burpees, star jumps, squats, sit ups, press ups, they make up the exercises you undergo over the thirty day workout.

Pictures drawn by Bronson as well as diagrams are littered throughout this book, as well as explanations of all the exercises. Instructions are clear and easy to follow. I thought this would be a great insight to someone who has spent an insane amount of time behind bars on keeping fit, pushing boundaries and getting strong.

Bronson constantly drives the message of not needing fancy gyms and protein shakes, which is good, but then carries it over into some kind of pissing contest bragging about his achievements, its just the way he writes about it. I got half way through this book and I was sick of these idiot people that kept popping up in the book, Terrible. I got half way through this book and I was sick of these idiot people that kept popping up in the book, shit training methods and constant gloating about how many times he has done 1, press ups.

I was advised to stop lifting weights as I suffer with back problems so was afraid what I would do instead because I love keeping fit. I received this book for Christmas and devoured it!! Jan 30, Michelle Felt rated it liked it An amusing book for sure. Much of the advise around fitness and weight loss is spot on which kind of surprised me. Oct 18, Joe Green rated it liked it This is without a doubt the most entertaining and arguably the most practical fitness book I have ever read.

There is something about these people who spend their lives pushing the limits of their physical abilities that lends them to having spiritual awakenings see also: Joseph Greenstein, The Great Gama, various martial artists. In short, this book is a great gift from a complex man. Get it. Read it. Put it to use. Charlie is a natural entertainer and has a conversational style of writing that makes for a pleasurable read.

Due to his incarceration, Charlie has found ways to turn anything he can get his hands on into gym equipment.


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