Maximization Guide Frequently Asked Questions If you are looking for complex formulas or statistical minutia, this guide is not what you are looking for. There are other guides that focus on the more in-depth parts of the game. There are many steps in power leveling and the order is rather interchangeable for a lot of it.

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When you have an opening you can destroy the Null geo to eliminate the yellow bonus as well. Making a couple new characters is also advisable at this point. Unless your units are capable of killing an enemy in one or two hits. If you are concerned of prophets nuking you from above, keep in mind that their vertical attack is 64m. That way when you destroy the geo none of your characters will be damaged. Do not combine the asence stat specialists as their level does not matter.

You should throw enemies into formation for area attacks as usual. Once Champloo is eliminated, approach the Dragon Egg and smash it to clear this mission.

Also, you should have plenty of cash to spend now. When you complete 25 X-Dimension maps you will unlock the Land of Carnage. Score the official strategy guide and learn how to: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Always have you Healer on standby to heal your units when needed. Be careful that none of your gyide are standing on a colored tile when you trigger the geo chain. As long as you always pick up the box at the very bottom and do not try to throw too high, you will be able to make as a tower as tall as you want.

Go do whatever needs to be done. Dispatch affiliate member as homeroom representative. After that, heal and cast buffs namely Shield and Magic Wall. Similar to the Diez Gentlemen sidequest, this involves talking to one of the stationary characters in your between every battle base to progress the story.

It usually takes them a couple turns for them to move, but they usually manage to line themselves nicely for area attacks. Lv Gaia Titan x3 Basically every turn the effect will change as the geos in the corner blow up. In this level the geos will move around so you cannot count on the tiles you stand on being beneficial to you.

Just be sure that the enemy has the weapon skills that you are looking for because you cannot easily teach them skills ghide. Pick an item you want to access. Send someone to bust the dsigaea geo block as soon as you can, as the green panels forbid the use of ranged attacks.

Clear them out as quickly as you can. If your target meets both of these criteria, then you have a chance of capturing the enemy by tossing it into your base panel during a fight.

If your casters have buff spells use them now and prepare. Lv52 Vodianoi x7 This level could be easy or hard based on the way you have been leveling. Enables a human ally to use Dual Throw command. Kill them as you see fit. After 5 turns you lose, so kill them quickly! Fortunately for you there is a real easy way to get rid of these things. When you reach the end, destroy the geo to cause a chain reaction; toss the Deathblow geo on the vacated square s afterwards to turn the tables on the enemy.

When the magicians are gone, the other enemies will come your way. Most 10 Related.


Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice – FAQ/Walkthrough

Version: 1. April 20th - Guide created Version 1. Frequently Asked Questions Class World and Reincarnation Cycles Magichange Enhancement Support Characters How to use your Skull effectively



Defeat the heavy knights and buff up on the yellow platform. Make sure the level of the item is As a side note, you should try to pace yourself so that your item is level or greater when you are done the floors. Turn tail and run back to your allies as the enemies chase you all the way back. If you are lacking strong ranged attacks you can lift up the No Entry geo you threw in, move one of your characters in there and cancel the lift.


Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice Official Strategy Guide


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