Como se desprende de la Tabla 1 la mayor parte de la energa de las gotas de lluvia contribuyen al desprendimiento, ms que al transporte, como lo muestra la alta energa puesta en juego en la salpicadura La erosin mantiforme tiene la menor energa cintica para 6 desprender partculas, pero el flujo es capaz de transportar una elevada cantidad de los sedimentos desprendidos, mientras que el flujo concentrado en surcos, posee una mayor energa, tanto para desprender partculas, como para poder transportarlas eficientemente. De estas consideraciones surge que la erosin hdrica y los procesos de desprendimiento, transporte y depositacin tambin llamada sedimentacin forman parte de un mismo fenmeno complejo en cuanto a sus causas, dinmico en el tiempo y susceptible de ser estudiado y tratado a diversas escalas de tiempo y espacio. En una escala elemental de lote o ladera o an menor, de sitio especfico, la erosin hdrica puede estar limitada por la capacidad de desprendimiento o por la capacidad de transporte.

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This is the water erosion mechanism par excellence. Such characteristics generate high eolian and water erosion and the possible collapse of material. The country also suffered from hydric erosion. Some areas of Murcia, Spain, with permanent crops are seriously affected by soil degradation caused by hydric erosion. Abstract: Bib-Eron is the acronym for the bibliographic database about soil erosion by water studies in Spain. Traditional technologies have assured sustainable crop production through minimizing soil erosion by water and wind and improving productivity through appropriate practices that were consistent with biophysical features such as the slope, microclimate, and soil characteristics.

Nutrient losses due to water erosion using simulated rainfall in southern Brazil. The three most common environmental degradation processes in conventional olive groves are: Water erosion rain. Water erosion is the most widespread form of degradation in the region, affecting some 25 per cent of agricultural land. It is the most important mechanism in water erosion. Infiltration trenches: option to mitigate water erosion at Rancho Luna beach.

Grasses form fibrous root systems, holding soil particles in place in areas prone to wind and water erosion. Water erosion has been a major environmental problem associated to forest harvesting operations in humid and temperate climates. Approximately 7. Granulometric characteristics of the tailings mark significant differences in the intensity of water erosion.

Water erosion has worked significant gullies into the plateau and one can have a glimpse of the geological profile of the place. On the other hand, low curve numbers guarantee high infiltration rates, low surface run-off and low hydric erosion. Trails that do this become gullies from water erosion and experience much more soil movement by feet and tires. Possibly inappropriate content Unlock Examples are used only to help you translate the word or expression searched in various contexts.

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