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Who needs slippers when you can walk freely about your luxurious warm kitchen floor in your bare feet with a brand new heating system? With UFH you have two distinct choices. Underfloor is becoming an increasingly popular alternative method for heating the home. Considered to be less of a health and safety risk, hot radiators present a potential hazard for the elderly or unsupervised young children, with a UFH system this will never be an issue.

Heat rises, so as with traditional radiators, heat is thrown up towards the ceiling only to travel downwards again, cooling down on the way back to the ground. Uneven warmth is then created with the majority of warm air being higher up in the room. UFH provides a gentle air circulation from directly underneath you, so as the warm air rises, it creates an even heat distribution throughout the whole room with air cooling down when it reaches the ceiling. So your whole body can feel the benefit of the warmth, including your feet.

Also as under floor heating literally covers the whole floor area, there are no cold spots within the room, this can be a problem with traditional radiators in a larger area. Ideal for both existing properties and new builds, it is suitable for use with most floor types, for example, concrete screed and timber floating or suspended.

It can also be used with tiled floor, wooden floor and carpet floors, although it is important to discuss such issues with your installer beforehand.

UFH for a tile floor is therefore practically essential, although the installation process may accrue excessive costs depending on the level of installation required.

Another thing to consider is the thickness of tile used; the thicker the tile, the longer it will take for the UFH System to heat the tile to the desired temperature, however once that temperature has been reached the tiles will remain at a constant temperature until it the floor heating has been switched off.

However, despite this Underfloor works very well with wooden and laminate flooring and could play an important role in warming your home. This can be determined via a heat loss calculation. The Danfoss Devimat is available in a range of sizes, with a choice for solid or timber floors. As every installation is different, PlumbNation Heating Supplies would like to recommend that if you require further advice on choosing an Under floor Heating System, then you contact the manufacturer direct, who will be able to offer you expert advice.

In most cases they will send an engineer to your home to do a free of charge design and estimate, they can even recommend accredited installers.


Underfloor Heating

Designed to enhance the experience of the end user with a 7-day programmer, optimal start features, multi temperature display and easy to read displays. Compatible with Alexa Double Temperature Control - Floor and room sensors, with multiple precise temperature control mode Programmable - 7-Day Programmer 4 Settings per day Large Screen - Easy operation, all parameters displayed on the screen Professional Design - First class quality, complete functions Dimensions 87mm x 87mm x 42mm Delivery Coronavirus Delivery Update We are working closely with our delivery providers and can confirm all deliveries are unaffected by recent events. Whether you place your order on our website or over the phone with our sales team, you will continue to receive the same high standards of delivery you have come to expect from The Underfloor Heating Store. Delivery options Our delivery costs vary according to order size and location. All orders placed after 3pm on a Friday and at the weekend will be processed on Monday and placed on next working day delivery Please note: orders must be placed before 3pm to be eligible for our Next Working Day, Next Working Day Before and Saturday delivery options. This product has no reviews yet.


Hep2o UFH System Plate 1275 x 975mm 15UH232



Hep2O Underfloor Heating Manifolds



Underfloor Heating Systems


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