Je dient eerst in te loggen Nieuw verlanglijstje Heeft u een vraag over dit product? Stel ons uw vraag Omschrijving 7 dagen programma, 6 schakelingen per dag, vakantietoets en vrije dag toets. Draadloze verbinding met de ketel laat u toe om de Chronotherm in de huiskamer te plaatsen zonder het decor te verstoren. Zittend programmeren laat u toe om uw Chronotherm te programmeren, terwijl u comfortabel in uw zetel zit. De dynamische tekst biedt de gebruiker actuele informatie op het scherm en maakt bediening extra makkelijk. Het 7-dagen vrij programmeerbaar verwarmingsprogramma laat toe de thermostaat voor elke dag van de week afzonderlijk in te stellen.

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Description Questions? For simplicity of installation, can I simply replace this with the BDR91 receiver rather than wire it at the boiler? A: Yes you can. You will need to create a link between live and A on the BDR The timer must be set to constant on. A: Yes it is. What happens to the hole left when our current mechanical timer is removed? Replaced by receiver? Thanks in advance. Simon A: You fit the receiver on to the wall next to the boiler and wire it to the thermostat terminals.

It is best to leave the existing mechanical timer in place and just set it to constant. A: That is correct. Q: will this replace the CM while keeping the original receiver unit? A: Yes it will. Q: Hi is a cm rf boiler plus compliant A: Hi. Yes it is. Q: The thermostat has a blank LCD screen. I have installed new batteries but the screen continues to be blank A: It sounds like it needs to be replaced then. Q: Can this be used to set different temperatures times? I have underfloor heating and a tiled floor and I want to set a higher temperature in the bathroom in morning when we are showering but a lower temp for the rest of the day, e.

A: Yes it can do that. Q: Hi, I need to install two wireless room stats for a two zone Underfloor heating system and a programmable room stat for the radiators, is this possible to do? Q: Just had a CMT installed does it come with a guarantee, no info in box. A: It has a 1 year warranty. Q: Hi, Is there a way with my Honeywell CM that I can programme my heating to come on when I want it to come on and not when the temperature drops as I dont like the heating on all day and night.

It continues to be on when I dont want it too be on. Q: Hi I have the above thermostat working with a Intergas Combi boiler. When up to room temperature say 21 boiler goes into standby by but then comes on till room thermostat at 22 then switches heating off completely Please can you help many thanks A: Hi.

Please call technical support on they will check your settings. Do I need the stat and receiver unit or just stat? If this is not a similar replacement then what is? Thanks A: Hi. Yes you can. You can just replace the thermostat 13A15 , it will bind to your existing receiver.

Q: I have recently moved into a large Georgian house. There are 3 heating zones in the house controlled by 3 CM thermostats. The radiators in the 3rd zone are permanently on. Will there be a 3rd valve somewhere in the system and if so how the heck do i find it???

Any advice or help would be appreciated as my local heating expert has just about given up!! It will be installed, and wired to, the receiver for that zone. I would recommend following the route of the hot pipes when only that zone is on. Thanks very much for your advice. A: Yes it would. A: Hi. Q: Hi currently have a glow worm betacom with electromechanical clock and Drayton mains voltage room stat. Would this would with these. Yes it would. Q: Hi Do you sell the CM unit by itself?

Q: I have just moved house and the instruction booklet is not available. Is it possible to email me the instruction booklet for the CM A: You can download it from the downloads tab. Q: The receiver and the controller both still working.

So what can I do. My is Honeywell CM wireless thermostat. A: Unfortunately the controller will need replacing. Thanks A: Yes it will. Q: Can I use this programmer with an s plan system? A: Yes, but you will need a separate control for hot water. Q: We have the CM, the second digit of the temp is missing. Is there any way to restore this or am I looking at buying a new thermostat? A: It has optimisation and automation features. Can I get it repaired or can I buy a new controller without replacing the receiver unit?

Will the CMT work using the existing transmitter. A: No, you would have to replace both parts. A: They are they same product. Q: I had a cm67 ng purchased by me 8 yrs ago but never used recently installed in a rarely used annexe. The original batteries have leaked! What would you recommend? Q: I have a new Honeywell wireless thermostat. It has a fault - it only takes 30 seconds to add a minute to the time, so it goes from 9am to 10 am in 30 minutes! Is there a way to fix this? A: No, a replacement will be needed.

Q: Is this compatible with a Biasi Garda M96 combi boiler? If I need a new wall plate what is the model number? Q: Currently have Honeywell B wireless room stat and receiver. Room stat has started to develop a problem in that the digits are not displaying properly.

Have read in various forums and sites that the problem described above is common to Honeywell, my unit is about 4 years old. Have wrote to Honeywell and as expected no response.

Is the Siemens better value for money and more reliable? Is the wiring the same in terms of number wires that the Honeywell B uses? Will I just be able to take off the existing receiver and put this one in its place? Do you recommend any other make? A: The CM will connect to your existing receiver fine. Replacing with another make such as the Siemens REVRF would be what I would recommend currently, although it would mean changing the receiver.

The Siemens receiver will connect to the same 4 wires. Q: Hi, I have a Honeywell Smartfit y system fitted, can you recommend a wireless controller that will work with this please. The controller is currently hard wired, 2 wires to the base box. Thanks A: Unfortunately there is no wireless controller that will work with the Smartfit system.

You will need to replace the whole system including motorised valves to have a wireless control. Q: I already have the controller for CM but need a new receiver, can I buy one of these separately or do I need to buy the whole thing again?? A: Yes you can buy the receiver. A: Yes, you can wire two zones valves in parallel to the receiver, or order a second receiver and have it control both receivers. We are not currently recommending the CM due to quality issues. Q: What is the guarantee period?

A: It is 1 year from date of purchase, or 18 months from date of manufacture - whichever is the longer. Q: If my honeywell wireless display is faulty. Can I change the wireless thermostat for the same one, do I need to change the reciever A: If it is a CM then you can change just the thermostat.

There is no need to change the receiver. Q: I like all the features of the wireless Honeywell but do like a one hour boost for coming in late at night or coming home unexpectedly. Its only 3 years old but the display is breaking up and failing, makes it near impossible to programme etc.


Honeywell CM927 RF / 7d (Draadloos)

The CM cmfr for use where heating needs are different from day to day. Click to read more Heating Controls Online reviews at Reviews. So what can I do. Seller information cjrf If it is a CM then you can change just the thermostat. If the item comes direct from a manufacturer, it may be delivered in non-retail packaging, such as a plain or unprinted box or plastic bag. Take a look at our Returning an item help page for more details.


CM927 Honeywell



Thermostat d’ambiance programmable Chronotherm CM927RF



Návody na Termostaty - Honeywell


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