Super King Air [ edit ] built Beechcraft Super King Air This T Super King Air built in shows all the major modifications for this variant; belly radar pod and camera hatch, wingtip fuel tanks, and domed window on the side of the rear fuselage Beechcraft BT Super King Air with belly camera hatch aft of the wing The Model was originally conceived as the Model in , and was a development of the Model King Air. The Model C found favour with many operators who fitted them out internally as Air Ambulances. The C was built from scratch rather than as a modification of the Model BL was modified as the Model CT, fitted with the same wingtip fuel tanks as installed on Model Ts; there was only one CT, but it led to other aircraft after an updated version of the Model entered production. At the same time the propellers fitted were changed from 3-bladed Hartzells to 3-bladed McCauleys.

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It was based on the Model The new model had a modified airframe and more powerful engines with redesigned cowlings. Later on Beechcraft started modifying the Model by stretching the fuselage by close to three feet, two cabin windows on each side were added, and also famous winglets.

This type was introduced in and is known now as King Air Besides the changes to the fuselage the was given a higher MTOW of 15, lb. From Beechcraft implemented the UltraQuiet active noise canceling system as standard on all King Air s. In , the avionics were upgraded. Nevertheless our model represents the type just before The decision was taken based on subjective esthetics aspects - we just love living and breathing analog aircraft :. It has a normal cruise speed of knots, a range of 1, nautical miles, a climb rate of 2, feet per minute, and requires 3, feet of runway to takeoff and 3, to land.

If you are a deep learner and enthusiast you can plunge yourself and study the complicated systems in detail. All this is possible down to our super friendly interface logic. But if you like a specific state of the aircraft you can choose for example the Before Taxi state or Save and Load your own state. Main Menu appears on the left side when you are close to the left edge. You can comfortably manage different aircraft systems that are modeled in detail also in 3D, but it is so much easier, especially during busy flight phases.

All windows are detachable and can be placed anywhere. Everything is very well graphically arranged. You can look and learn and next time you can put the automation down a notch and try it for yourself. By the way the Speech System represents separate audible sentences.

You can climb stairs and there is 1G force simulation. The walking interferes with X-plane terrain too. Every rivet, every sign, every screw, every light, every instrument inside and outside is modeled to the highest fidelity. And photorealistic engines. All liveries are based on real paint schemes.

Real recording from was used, too. The load of the system influences even how bright the annunciators lights are. X-Plane Commands modified to match real behavior. Inertial separator simulation. Custom Feathering system. Custom Autofeather system and test logic based on real aircraft. Low Pitch Stop and Test simulation.

Avionics power and gyro initial spin-up replica. All digital displays graphics and logic based on real aircraft data. Weather radar simulation. Autopilot Modes Logic and interconnections are custom made to match the real one. It works on Windows, Mac and Linux. The cool think is that it integrates also Aircraft Systems Logic Tools enabling us for example to simulate realistically very complex electrical systems that X-Plane is not able to simulate.

One of the very exciting features is also the Interactive Checklist System that is able to control the aircraft automatically with camera focusing and audio specs. It is Very Easy To Use and very complex at the same time. Both Gamers and Fanatic Flight Simmers will be satisfied.

If you wish you can push one button and fly the aircraft and if you want to study hard you can immerse deeply into aircraft systems.


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